Our Favourite Christmas Movies to Watch During the Holidays

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Today, we’re talking about one of our absolute favorite holiday traditions: Christmas movies! If it’s not a tradition for you yet, well you should make it one or atleast give it a try! To set the scenery, we’d lay out our snacks or some food and drinks, grab our softest blanket, dim the lights and hit play. But first let’s talk about what is on our watchlist. For most of these movies, we’ve watched them a hundred times before. And we’re doing it all over again, we don’t care!

First up, let’s take it back to 1999 with the absolute classic The Best Man. I’m in shock every time someone says they’ve never seen this one. Not only is the cast amazing, starring Taye Diggs, Nia Long and my personal favourite Morris Chestnut, it’s a heart-warming story about friendship and love with enough twists and turns to keep us on our feet. And, well, because we simply can’t get enough of it, The Best Man Holiday just had to make our list as well. The 2013 sequel will have us on a rollercoaster of emotions with a very Christmasy reunion that’s funny, moving, and very dramatic (I cried the first time, I’ll probably cry the next time).

We’re excited about this next one—Almost Christmas. It is hilarious and includes Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union and Mo’Nique and captures some Christmas chaos of a dysfunctional family trying to spend five days together. Although we understand that comedy isn’t everyone’s preferred genre, it does get serious and caters to our emotions at some points. I think you’ll love it!

Next, let’s talk about This Christmas, a movie that’s literally a Christmas gift. This movie goes all the way back to 2007, starring Chris Brown and Idris Elba among others, shows a family reunion gone so wild at Christmas and we simply can’t get enough. It’s almost like we’re back home at our very own dinner tables. Hopefully ours isn’t as chaotic.

Last, but not least, is About Last Night. We confess that it’s not exactly a Christmas movie. But hear us out, there is Christmas in there, and we absolutely adore it. It’s a simple but very real plot about love, situationships that some of us might even relate to. If you’re trying to leave a toxic space and you need an extra push, this movie is going to be your thirteenth reason. Plus, you can never go wrong with a romantic comedy with Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart and Regina Hall. 

So there it is—our watchlist. A mix of love, laughter and family ties that has us just excited for Christmas! 

We want to hear all about your own Christmas movie traditions? Recommend some of your favourite movies and let us know how you enjoyed our watchlist. 

Also, please keep in mind that there’s no wrong way to enjoy the holiday season, but we promise that staying up with a good movie (and maybe some cookies or fruits!) will make it even more special. 

Enjoy your movie!


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