How to add hydration to your skincare routine for healthy skin

In our pursuit for healthy skin, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous beauty advice that promises overnight miracles. We’re often led to believe that the secret to healthy skin involves a million-step skincare routine or expensive products. Yet, we’ve actually found out that  amidst this chaos of tips and tricks, we sometimes overlook the most basic, yet most important element: hydration, or in simpler terms, water.

Just like our other organs, the skin is an organ that thirsts for attention—literally. The skin, the largest organ of our body, isn’t just that organ that’s a decorative covering. It’s an essential part of us that deserves our tender loving care. And when it comes to showering our skin with the love it deserves, hydration is key. It’s easy to forget that this fundamental step can make all the difference.

Now, hydration doesn’t just come from slathering on any product we find. To us, true hydration comes in different forms. It’s our job to figure out which and how to best care for our skin. Drinking plenty of water, for instance, is one of the most direct forms of hydration. It helps to flush toxins not only from our vital organs but from our skin as well. But there’s more to hydration than just quenching our internal thirst.

Also, one thing to note is that moisturizing and hydrating, while often used in place of each other, actually serve different roles. Hydration is about infusing our cells with water, this way keeping our skin plump and glowing. On the other hand, moisturizing is focused on sealing and protecting the skin’s barrier to prevent that precious water from escaping. Products infused with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, lipids, and fatty acids are our best options when it comes to hydration. These ingredients work overtime to trap moisture and keep our skin hydrated from the inside out.

As we seek clear skin, we need to understand skincare also involves more than just what we apply on our surface. A couple of things are essential to keeping our water levels up. One being getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep, shortening our showers to 5 to 10 minutes with lukewarm water, and of course, drinking enough water. But let’s not overlook the need to reduce stress levels.

We also need to remember that the state of our mind also reflects on our skin. Furthermore, limiting our intake of coffee and alcohol, saying no to smoking, switching to a gentler cleanser, and eating a diet rich in essential fatty acids, will lead to our skin looking and feeling better.

Lastly, please remember to always protect your skin from the harsh sun and extreme cold. So, that means consistently using SPF products, sunscreen, body butters when cold to lock in the moisture. And, even a hydrating sleep mask for an overnight hydration boost. 

While this might sound like a checklist, remember, practicing these habits everyday isn’t about a strict routine but about finding joy in taking care of ourselves. And yes, the benefits are great. All the love and proper care will lead to our skin staying healthy in the long run.

It’s a path that requires patience and understanding but believe us when we say, it’s incredibly worth it. The journey to healthy skin is not just about looking good—it’s about feeling deeply connected with the very essence of who we are.


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