Try these hacks to be more productive in life

We live in a world of endless to-do lists and deadlines. Personally, we’re sick of it but we can’t avoid it cause we’re alive. A lot of us find ourselves fighting with organization skills and the overwhelming feeling that there’s just too much on our plates. You’re not alone if these common productivity challenges resonate with you. We’ve all been there, trying to juggle numerous tasks, only to end up feeling like we’re running in circles. But what if we could tackle our days with more clarity and purpose? Grab your notes, we’re about to share some hacks to help you be more productive.

We sometimes underestimate the benefits of planning. By setting aside time to plan our day, we give ourselves a guide, that steers us in the right direction and also reduces the anxiety that comes from not knowing what’s next. Think of it as setting the stage for a performance—the better the preparation, the smoother the show. Planning doesn’t need to be rigid; it’s about giving yourself a clear outline to make your day productive.

Next, we write. Each morning (or the night before), we jot down the three most critical tasks for the day. This helps us clarify what needs our attention most but also ensures that, even on overwhelming days, we’ll accomplish what truly matters. And a plus is the sense of achievement you feel after ticking off those tasks can fuel your productivity even more.

A real game changer for us is saying no. In our eagerness to people-please or out of fear of missing out, we usually take on more than we can manage. But learning to say no is freeing—it’s about reclaiming your time and committing to what you can handle without burning out. Each time you say no to something that doesn’t align with your priorities, you’re saying yes to your well-being and productivity.

Despite popular belief, multitasking does more harm than good. We bet you thought being able to multitask was a flex. Well, we say this with love, it’s not. 

It messes up our focus, leads to errors and extends the time it takes to complete tasks. Research supports this, showing that our brains aren’t wired to handle multiple tasks effectively. So, when you’re working on something important, you should give it your undivided attention. The quality of your work will improve, and you’ll find yourself completing tasks more quickly.

In addition to that, we like to put our tasks into categories of urgency. By categorizing tasks based on their urgency and importance, we know what needs our immediate attention and what can wait. It’s a strategic way to approach your day, making sure that you’re not just busy, but productive.

For tasks that take less than a minute to complete, we can adopt the one and done approach. Whether it’s replying to an email or making your bed, tackling these tasks immediately prevents them from piling up. 

Lastly, remember to add every new task into a to-do list as soon as they arise. This way, nothing slips through the cracks and allows your mind to stay clear, focused, and ready to engage in the work at hand with full vim.


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