Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System in the New Year

With the arrival of the new year, many of us might be thinking about making some lifestyle changes. Well, what’s a better start than focusing on natural ways to boost our immune system? This is necessary because we need to be at our physical best to pursue the best for our spiritual and mental health. 

We know that our bodies love it when we treat them with love, care and feed them well. Here are a few friendly ways we can do that. 

Have you ever thought about starting the day with a ginger shot? If not, then you may want to consider it now. We absolutely love a good ginger shot in the morning, right as we’re about to start our day. We’ve discovered that ginger shots not only help with our energy levels up during the day but they also are a great tool to boost our immune systems. 

Now, just like fraternal twins, no matter how much you try to pair them together all the time, ginger and garlic are just as powerful on their own. Just like ginger, it has the ability to boost your immunity. For a mild flavor, mix them with honey or lemon. Turmeric, the yellow spice we use frequently in our curries, is also an excellent source of antioxidants when used in shots.

As for the fluids, we’ll always emphasize the importance of water because it deserves all the hype. We believe that staying hydrated helps our body function much better and is essential to maintaining our immune health. 

When it comes to resting, a good sleep pattern is necessary. We understand that with work, a social life, kids even, it can be tough to maintain a good sleep pattern but it’s not impossible. The benefits of a good night’s sleep can never be stressed enough. Just like we were taught in Biology class, it allows our body to repair and regenerate, which is important for a strong immune system. And, yes, keeping our stress levels under check is equally important. If it stresses you out, please try as much as you can to drop it off as you continue on with your year. 

Here’s one truth we overlook a lot – maintaining a balanced diet. We need it all. From carbs to protein to fats and the rest. Also, let’s not neglect our vitamin C. We need to stock up on those oranges, strawberries, and bell peppers! But don’t forget to enjoy a mixed and colorful diet, to get all the vitamins and minerals we need. Also, minimizing alcohol intake goes a long way in preserving our immunity. I thought we were all doing dry January. 

When it comes to fruit, one thing we’re doing is indulging! We think you should join us. Fruits don’t only taste good but are also filled with essential vitamins and nutrients. Avocado, for instance, is rich in healthy fats and helps in immune health.

Speaking of diet, incorporating foods rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, into our diet can work wonders for our gut health, which in turn, improves our immune system. 

To seal it all up, we’ll engage in some “feel-good” exercises like we like to call them—walking, jogging or swimming regularly. So, the key is to just start moving.

These are just a few ideas we’ve come across in our journey to live healthier. Remember, every little step counts towards building a stronger, healthier you.


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