Where Does the Sheet Mask Belong in Our Skincare Routine?

So, let’s chat a bit about sheet masks. I’d say they’re becoming our new favorite convenient skincare product that’s been stealing our hearts and taking bathroom selfies! We dare you to put on a sheet mask and not take a picture. But it’s not all about aesthetics.

Remember the days of face masks? Of course, we do! The wonderful feel of clay masks, that sense of accomplishment when you peeled off a black charcoal mask in one piece – don’t we all love those times? It was so fun that YouTubers made a challenge out of it.

But things have changed, and so have we! We evolved and embraced the world of sheet masks. Did you know that they existed back in the 1850s? The ladies in Paris, always ahead in fashion, were putting beef slices on their faces to avoid wrinkles. But as much as we admire their creativity, let’s keep our skincare routine meat free and get into actual sheet masks instead!

The unique thing about sheet masks is that they are serum based. That’s like signing up for a spa-like experience in the comfort of our cute pyjamas.

Sheet masks offer the hydration that our skin has been begging for, especially after a long tiring day or a fun night out with friends. Unlike traditional face masks, they won’t dry your skin out. Instead, they infuse all the nourishing ingredients straight into your skin, for maximum absorption.

We are also grateful for the variety of sheet masks available today? We have one for every skin type and every skincare concern you could imagine. Oily skin? Dry patches? We’re sure there’s a mask for that.

Personally, my skin is absolutely in love with the Uncover Aloe Vera sheet mask. Its calming and soothing properties are exactly what my skin needs after a long day. Trust me, your face is going to thank you for this!

Now that we know what sheet masks are and do, where do they fit in our skincare routine? Well, we always need to clean our face thoroughly before we mask, to get the best out of those ingredients. Once you’ve let the mask sit and soaked in all the serum, follow up with a moisturizer. Remember, your skin is like a sponge after a sheet mask, it will just soak up anything that follows!

We can incorporate these masks into our routines. I mean, our skin deserves that love and care. After all, skincare is all about self-love, right? Exactly.

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