Things I Learnt from Being a Pilates Princess for a Year

So here’s a storytime about this breathtaking journey (literally) I started a year ago – stepping into the graceful world of Pilates and embracing the life of a ‘Pilates Princess’ for a whole year!

Well, life has a way of telling you to try something new. My reminder was after a difficult breakup, where it felt like my days consisted only of staying home and working. It didn’t help that I work from home. One day, I thought, why not take up something new to spark up some joy and release—Pilates.

In came Pilates – and let me tell you – I drove out to a Pilates studio a bit far from my house, and had a session. Now, what’s cool about Pilates is that it’s so unlike the classic hustle-bustle gym setting that you’re imagining right now. It’s serene and versatile. You can opt to pull out your comfy yoga mat, or up your game with a reformer – an intriguingly amazing Pilates machine.

Let me tell you, this year has been a revelation in more ways than one! Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Fitness isn’t always a linear journey: Who knew lying on a Pilates mat and stretching would give me one of the most interesting workouts I’ve ever had? Well, it did! This year with Pilates has truly shown me that there are so many dimensions to fitness and that’s totally okay!

2. Release emotional tension: You know what I found really refreshing? It’s the way Pilates pairs controlled breathing with some wicked core exercises. You really start to feel like you’re working through some emotional clutter while giving your body a thorough stretch. Plus, we end up not too sweaty and are still fresh enough to run some errands before hitting the shower.

3. Pilates is not entirely an ab trainer: Is it a secret weapon for your abs? Yes and no. While Pilates does actually help in defining those abs (you’ll get there, just wait!), it isn’t an overnight thing. And, it has so much more to offer us. We’re talking arms, glutes, full body sessions – each day is a surprise!

So if you’re considering walking into a Pilates studio to get started and working that mat, here’s a sweet advice to know, just so you can mentally prepare yourself for the new journey: Get ready to embark on an adventure of not just toning your body but a whole process of exploring and mastering new techniques, step-by-step. Keep it steady and be patient – let’s all enjoy being Pilates princesses together.

I hope this shares a little insight and joy into the Pilates journey! Tag us in all your Pilates selfies and videos on IG.


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