Thanksgiving Season: Asides Pumpkin, What are You Grateful For?

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With Thanksgiving season coming up, it’s a great time to take a moment and reflect on what we’re truly grateful for. Even though the Thanksgiving season is an American holiday, we think the rest of the world should hop on it as well. You might not catch me eating pumpkin pie though, it is an acquired taste. But looking in from the outside, I always wondered what it was about pumpkin and thanksgiving season. Apparently, it’s a sign of a successful harvest of the Autumn season and it’s one of the staple vegetables of that time of the year. So it definitely has a place on the table. It’s like the Jollof rice at a Nigerian wedding.

However, let’s talk about gratitude.

As a community, we are all grateful for the same things. We are thankful for our family, friends, and loved ones that have always been there for us. Even those that started as misjudged acquaintances have turned into true friendships and even family. We’re also grateful for our partners who are a constant source of support and encouragement, making our lives better just by being in it. We wouldn’t know what we would do without them. The single people would say otherwise.

But why do we have to limit ourselves to just this time of the year? We should make gratitude an everyday thing! We love that October reminds us to be grateful, but it shouldn’t end there. It’s important to recognize those little things that make our days just a bit brighter. Don’t forget to tell the people that matter that you’re grateful for them, like the neighbor who helps you watch your kids or the wax lady who does her job to perfection. Not to forget the server that adds extra jollof rice to your portion every time you buy a plate. I don’t know about you, but that’d spark joy in me.

A great way to start your gratitude habit is by keeping a gratitude journal. You know we love a good journal. This way you have to find something to be grateful for, everyday.
At the end of the day, we want to thank you. Your support, kindness, and love never go unnoticed. We hope you know how much you mean to us. So, what are we grateful for? We’re grateful for you!

We want to hear what you’re grateful for. Go ahead and tell us.


What do you think?