New Year, New Me: Our Goal-setting Strategy

As we’ve made it to the year 2024 gracefully, it’s time to set our goals for the new year. We know that setting goals can sometimes feel like an overwhelming activity but we’ve also learnt to give ourselves some grace when it comes to our goals and achievements and how we view them. And, with a bit of structure and community support, we think goal setting can actually become quite an empowering experience.

Now, you might wonder, ‘Where do we start?’ This is where we come in. NayLiving had a goal-setting event at the start of the year and a few of us came together and reflected on our past year and moved on into the new one with an open mind and a sense of hope and positivity. We’re sharing our process with you today and remember, these are just recommendations and not commandments.

The first step, we think, should always be to reflect on the year that’s gone by. Each of us surely had a unique list of accomplishments and setbacks in the past year. We can look at these experiences as insights and use them to shape more meaningful and realistic goals for the upcoming year. However, one thing we won’t do is dwell on the past.

Have you ever heard of the SMART goals principle? We find it really helpful for goal setting. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Trust us, this little strategy can make a huge difference. It translates your big vision into bite-sized, achievable objectives. We know this approach isn’t brand-new but trust us, its effectiveness has been tried and worked.

The key here is prioritization. While you have many dreams and goals, remember that we can’t chase all at once. This might be a tough one, we understand, but it’s necessary to classify them based on importance and the impact they will have. Another effective tip we use is to break down your larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Just like little to-do lists. 

Our next move is to create an action plan! It will get very real from here because we st\art to realize how much of a role we must play to achieve our goals but try not to get overwhelmed. You, more than anyone else know the steps needed to achieve these goals, so be more detailed and thorough with your planning and go ahead to attach it to a time frame. Maybe 90 days per goal? We can start by identifying what tasks need to be accomplished each quarter of the year or each month, and break these down further into weekly objectives. You can do it. 

This next activity is where it gets fun, creating your vision board! You can go ahead and put that vision into pictures, quotes, and affirmations. There’s just something we love about seeing our vision represented and being able to look at it everyday. It’s the push we need to make those dreams come true. 

Now, we love a great accountability partner. You can consider sharing your goals with a friend or family member. This gives us someone with whom we can share progress, challenges, and even our little wins. The emotional support and accountability that stems from this can really make a difference!

As you go along your journey and cross off milestones from your list, please remember to pause, acknowledge and celebrate your wins. These moments are not only for rejoicing but also for gathering energy for the rest of the journey. After all, the sweetness of victory always lightens the burdens of hard work.

Setting goals doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be a refreshing and an exciting process.

Let’s remember, a new year offers us 365 opportunities to create the life we envision. With some determination, strategy, and a little self-belief, who knows what we can achieve! After all, the only thing standing between us and our goals is action. 

And do keep in mind that life also happens along the way but let’s not forget to stay positive. Let’s commit to each other to remain open to the wonders the New Year might bring! 


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