Kicking off your journey to heal your inner child

We wanted to have a heart-to-heart about something that’s been on our mind lately, and maybe you’ve been thinking about it too – healing our inner child. We often hear about this, but what does it really mean for us, as adults? To us, it’s about reconnecting with the parts of ourselves that might still need a bit of nurturing, love, and perhaps, healing. Sometimes, this healing journey starts with therapy, especially when we’re trying to break free from those generational cycles that no longer serve us. Other times, it’s about indulging in activities that bring out our playful, carefree side. So, let’s talk about a few things we think can help us heal our inner child.

Remember those childhood activities we used to love so much? Whether it was filling up the pages of a coloring book, tackling a challenging puzzle, getting into arts and crafts, or even just going to a play park. These activities have a special kind of magic that sparks joy. And honestly, they help us feel childlike every time we indulge ourselves in them. It’s almost like we get to press pause on adulthood and just enjoy the moment. We use these moments to reconnect with parts of ourselves that maybe didn’t get enough playtime when we were kids.

Getting an ice cream cone without worrying about the calories, watching those childhood movies that always made us laugh or dream about the future, or maybe even taking a visit to a trampoline center – it’s in these simple pleasures that we can  find the biggest smiles and the deepest healing. We think that by allowing ourselves to indulge in these little activities, we’re not just having fun; we’re also telling our inner child that it’s okay to let loose, be free, and most importantly, feel safe.

Speaking of feeling safe, sometimes healing your inner child means standing up for yourself in family settings. It’s about setting boundaries and acknowledging your worth, two things we weren’t always able to do as kids. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do, but it’s an essential step towards healing.

At the end of the day, whether it’s through therapy for healing or rediscovering the joys of childhood activities, what’s important is that we take the time to nurture and heal our inner child. It’s okay to seek professional help if you need it, and it’s equally okay to find healing through laughter, play, and creativity.

Please remember, healing is not a race. It’s a personal journey that looks different for everyone. What matters most is that we are kind to ourselves and patient with our process. So, don’t be shy to grab that coloring book, watch your favorite childhood movie, or maybe just go for an ice cream. Do what makes your inner child feel loved and seen.


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