Five Beginner Yoga Poses to Start Out Your Yoga Journey

At NayLiving, we had our very first community event, the Art of Journaling with a few of our members and it was an amazing experience. It was all about journaling, yoga and meditation. Now, isn’t yoga so refreshing? Yes, we thought so too. It strengthens the body, soothes the mind, and it’s just so relaxing! The trouble is, if you’re new to this world of stretching and deep breaths, the whole idea can feel a bit…odd. It’s nothing like the cardio and weight lifting that we’re used to. With yoga, you barely sweat, at least for me.

But don’t worry. We’re here to make your entry into the world of yoga as smooth as possible. And it starts with these five super beginner-friendly yoga poses.

A lot of us want to embrace yoga but might be intimidated or confused about where to start. The countless number of poses can definitely feel overwhelming! That’s where we step in to help you. We promise, we aren’t trying to mold you into an overnight Yogi. We’re barely one ourselves but we learnt a few things from Faith who was our Yogi at the community event. We’re simply sharing some essential, beginner-friendly poses to start you on this exciting journey.

Alright then, here goes nothing – grab a mat and prepare yourself! 

1. Child’s Pose 

To get into Child’s Pose, simply kneel down and let your forehead meet the mat, your chest resting on your knees and arms extended in front. Almost like a hide-and-seek game with the floor, if you may. The Child’s pose is like yoga’s version of a resting pose. This gentle pose helps in calming the mind and body and also stretching your back and hips. Just make sure not to fall asleep on the mat!

2. Mountain Pose 

This is as straightforward as standing, just a bit more mindful. Stand straight with your feet together, draw your abdomen in and stand tall and confident like the mountain you are. Now inhale and feel your feet rooted in the ground.

This pose improves posture and, get this, increases self-awareness.

3. Downward Facing Dog Pose

This yoga staple is brilliant for stretching your entire body, especially your hamstrings, shoulders, and calves. This is as simple as we can explain it, you’ll look like a letter ‘V’ that’s a bit out of shape. Hands on the ground, bum towards the sky, pressing our chest back towards our thighs. 

4. Tree Pose 

This was by far my favourite pose in the session. The pose requires you to stand tall and balance on one leg, bend your other knee and place your foot either below your knee or onto your thigh. Don’t forget to reach your hands to the sky, if you can or you can start out with praying hands. It is great for balance and concentration.

5. Corpse Pose 

We saved the easiest for the last. The corpse pose is where you lie down on your back, spread out your arms and legs, and, well, just lie there. Now don’t be fooled into thinking, “Is that all?” You’d be amazed at how tricky it can be to truly quiet your mind. 

Here’s the truth – everyone’s yoga journey starts differently, and every pose is a challenge until it isn’t. So we advise that you start your yoga adventure with these beginner-friendly poses, keep breathing, and soon, who knows, you might find yourself teaching yoga poses to others. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

And remember to be kind to yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a yoga pose wasn’t perfected in one either. Have fun, stay relaxed, and do not forget to enjoy every moment! You got this! 

Just to note, maybe keep a timer nearby to avoid falling asleep in that Child’s Pose. 


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