Daily habits to reduce stress and anxiety

It’s like we’re sitting across from each other, sharing a warm cup of tea, and talking about something we all face from time to time – stress and anxiety.

So, the other day, we came across a YouTube video, and it struck a chord! It was about daily habits that could help reduce stress and anxiety. And trust me, the person in the video gave us some insights that we had never thought about before. It was eye-opening! 

First off, did you know that sometimes the butterflies in your stomach, the over eager heartbeat, doesn’t just have to weigh you down? The video suggested we could actually channel that anxious energy into something productive, like exercise. Think about it – most of the time, the things we worry about aren’t things we can physically fight or run away from. But getting our bodies moving can help shake off that tension. Whether it’s dancing in your room, stretching, or going for a walk, it makes a difference in our mood.

Then, there’s the idea of crafting a peaceful morning routine. Personally, we know the importance of this. So much so that we’ve previously spoken about it a few times. We think starting your day the right way can really set the tone. How about we skip scrolling through our phones first thing in the morning? And avoiding caffeine in the morning. Caffeine can sometimes make our hearts race faster, not helping with anxiety at all. Instead, imagine beginning your day with something that uplifts your spirit. It could be a little prayer, some quiet meditation, or just vibing to some chill music. It’s all about creating calmness around you. And remember, don’t let the morning news dictate how you’re going to feel for the day.

Now, when anxiety comes, we can choose not to pretend like it’s not there. Let’s allow it, take a deep breath, and remind ourselves that in the grand scheme of things, we’re okay. And if you ever feel like stress is trying to pull you under, hit pause. Literally take a break. There’s power in taking a step back, maybe even taking a quick nap or simply being in nature. Ever noticed how a breath of fresh air can make things seem a little brighter?

We think these are some healthy tools to add to our daily routine to help reduce our stress and anxiety. Please remember, we’re in this together, and it’s all about finding what works for us. No pressure, just gentle nudges towards a more peaceful day.

Also, the video referenced is linked down below: 


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