Why We Should Add More Fruits to Our Plate

bowl of sliced fruits on white textile

We spend most of our time searching through skincare shops when we should be looking through our kitchen shelves. That’s where the magic lies, right on the kitchen counter!

Have you ever wondered why we search for certain ingredients in our skincare bottles but never really consider including them in our diets? Well, we had an epiphany, and who better to share it with than you? It struck us that if we seek certain nutrients to apply to our skin, we should probably start by ingesting them. For example, eating an orange filled with Vitamin C is like consuming a 30ml bottle of Vitamin C serum (Please don’t actually do that).

If we add more fruits, or any fruits at all, to our diet, we can achieve the desired glow. We’ve identified some fruits that we’ll definitely be adding to our shopping list, and we think you should too. So, grab your pen.

Oranges: This is the key to our glow and radiance. Oranges aid in collagen production—that freshly squeezed juice and pulp are our fountain of youth. You may have noticed that we said “freshly squeezed” and not store-bought.

Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are our skin’s superheroes. Packed with antioxidants, these little berries fight to protect our skin from aging faster than it should. Think of them as nature’s warriors, battling to keep us looking young.

Avocado: We’re already obsessed with toast, so this shouldn’t be hard at all. This creamy delight is rich in healthy fats and vitamin E, providing deep hydration to your skin. It’s like nature’s very own moisturizer, leaving your skin irresistibly soft.

Papaya: We always wondered why this was our grandma’s favorite fruit. Some of us never understood it due to its bland taste, but it’s the perfect exfoliator.

These are just a few of the fruits we know about, but there are many nutrients in various other fruits that can help our skin look and feel better. It’s also about what you put on your plate.


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