Why Everyone Is Switching Tequila Shots for Ginger Shots

sliced orange fruit and green leaves on brown wooden table

Do you remember the homemade remedies, those bitter herbs and concoctions we had to gulp down as children?

My Nigerian mother had us sipping all sorts of drinks that I can’t even pronounce today but generally we called them Agbó. It was a routine – every Saturday morning was herb concoction day, complete with faces of utter disgust, gags and tears. No choices, just the firm conviction that it is good for you. Even Aunties recommended, it’s either some bitters with an overwhelmingly potent smell or a boiling liquid from leaves which supposedly cured everything from asthma to that irritating cold that never seemed to let go. But look at us now!

Acknowledging our roots and valuing the goodness of organic remedies, which actually does have some science behind them. Remember, these were made with love and hopes to keep us healthy. The nostalgia, the memories and, indeed, the health benefits have brought us here. And there is a new trend in town. Not so new but in the past year, it has been seen in every nutritionist or fitness expert’s refrigerator. Something healthier and a lot more pleasant than the ones my mother served me. Friends, the new superstar is Ginger Shot. 

A Ginger shot, my friends, is a small, concentrated beverage made primarily from ginger, often with the addition of other healthy ingredients. They are believed to have a variety of health benefits, from improving digestion, boosting immunity to even soothing some body inflammation. 

It’s pretty simple to make. It’s basically some peeled fresh ginger, lemon juice, a tiny pinch of turmeric and black pepper. You might want to add some natural sweetener (honey or agave works) to suit your taste, especially if the taste of ginger is a bit much for you. Blend it, strain it and there you have it, your shot of good health.

Don’t get us wrong, tequila shots aren’t going anywhere soon. We love our fun. But sometimes, just sometimes, we might need to put down that Margarita and say One Ginger shot, please! Because honestly, as grown-ups, aren’t we all trying to find ways to live a little healthier, feel a bit better, and maybe (just maybe) live a bit longer? With these ginger shots, not only are we treating ourselves to something healthy, we can also reminisce about bitter concoctions from our childhood and our moms’ loving yet strict health routines. 

Plus, the faces we make while gulping down these shots aren’t so different from the tequila ones! So nothing’s changed, right? Give it a shot (see what we did there?). Remember, variety is the spice of life.


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