Vulnerability is the New Sexy: How We and Tobi Hamilton are Okay with “Oversharing”

Oftentimes, we live in the shadow of our fear of oversharing, of burdening others with our truth. We’re worried we might spill out too much, too soon, right? Yet what we often don’t realise is that our vulnerability can become a vital key to unlocking an easier, more connected life. We fear the thought of being ‘too open’, exposing our hearts on our sleeves, don’t we? But guess what, vulnerability doesn’t mean going around and oversharing our deepest secrets to the nearest person, right? But rather embracing who we truly are.

We recently had an amazing and enlightening conversation with our good friend, Tobi Hamilton. She is a shining example of vulnerability. This might come to a shock to many because she owns two of the most successful restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria—The House and The Terrace, amongst other ventures. You’d almost expect her to be mysterious. But Tobi is everything but an enigma. 

Having to walk the rugged roads of loss, grief and entrepreneurship, she has found strength in being true to her experiences and emotions. She spoke about how this openness not only inspires others, but it gives us the ultimate gift of acceptance.

And like she said, it’d surprise us how much people could relate to our stories. And she couldn’t be more spot on! It’s like finding out that everyone else loves the smell of rain too. See? We are not as unique in our struggles or joy as we might think, are we?

NayLiving, is a great space for practicing vulnerability. It’s all about making it okay to let down your walls, knowing that everyone else in this lovely community is doing the same. We feel that not having to be strong or perfect all the time is a delightful liberation in itself.

Remember friends, stepping towards vulnerability doesn’t mean we have to jump headfirst into the deep end. It’s like learning to swim, you can start in the shallow waters first. You can start with simple and relatable actions, that’d make a huge difference. Something as casual as sharing a real and authentic post on our social media can make someone else feel less alone in their journey.

So here’s a humble suggestion. Watch our latest video, ‘Unpack with Nay’. We think that vulnerability can be less scary together. Click on the link, kick back with a cup of tea or coffee, whatever sparks joy, and let’s ‘Unpack with Nay’! Remember, vulnerability doesn’t mean we are weak, but rather that we have the courage to show up and be seen, just as we are. 

We hope you stay kind, stay open and let’s embrace our stories together! The strength is in our unity, so we can live an easier and more honest life.


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