Two Can Play: Getting the Support You Need on Your Fitness Journey

woman in white tank top holding microphone

Working out isn’t everyone’s thing. While some of us love to hit the gym, shut out the world with earphones in, and focus intensely on the weight at hand, others just don’t enjoy it that much. But we still have to do it because we must stay fit, not only for “body goals” but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The least we can do is try.

We said “try” because it can be hard to stay motivated every day or most days to get up and hit the gym or engage in one fitness activity or another. Also, you should find an activity that you enjoy doing, asides lifting weights at the gym, there are several other fun activities that’ll get your heart pumping.
But here’s one thing we’ve come to know—some things are better done when you don’t have to do them alone—join a community. In fitness, you’ll need as much motivation as possible. It’s always easier if there’s someone else embarking on a journey with you. And here’s how you can find your gym buddies.

Join an online fitness group.
We’ve noticed many online fitness groups that generously share workout routines, dietary plans, and progress updates. Within these virtual communities, you can find mutual accountability partners. Even though these interactions take place online, the sense of support and belonging as you share your achievements and setbacks, all from the comfort of your home, is definitely rewarding.

Become a part of your local sports club.
Do you remember how our parents used to enroll us in taekwondo or swimming clubs when we were younger? We’d laugh together, even shed a tear when the exercises became way harder, but that never stopped us from returning the next weekend. As adults, you can join an activity club aligned with your interests. Just like you, there will be fellow participants, potential friends waiting to be made.

Look around you.
We know for sure that there’s someone in your neighborhood or on your social media timeline who is a gym enthusiast or trying to become one—the one who runs every morning. They might be the perfect person to be your gym buddy. It might be awkward if you’re not friends, but keep in mind that everyone starts out as strangers, and they might be looking for a fitness buddy just as much as you are.

When it comes to fitness, it’s a lifelong journey; you don’t have to get it right the first or second time, so give yourself some grace. Find a community and stay accountable. It should be fun!


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