Traffic Zen: Finding your Inner Peace Amidst the Gridlock

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Nothing can be more exhausting than living in a city that has constant traffic congestion. We’ve heard stories of cities that have recurring traffic congestion such as New York City, Mumbai, Lagos, to name a few. 

However, today we’re talking all about what life can be like as a commuter in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Lagos is known for many amazing things like the nightlife, hustling spirit and for being the land of endless opportunities. We don’t disagree at all. But this exciting life can easily take a turn for frustration as soon as you get stuck in traffic. The sound of unending car honks, long hours on the road with no way of escape and the anxiety of your car fuel finishing while you’re stuck in the middle of the third mainland bridge can drive you insane. There are several videos online of people in Lagos doing the most things that wouldn’t make sense to an outsider—motorcyclists riding on the sidewalk instead of the road, having five lanes on a three-lane highway. We blame it all on the traffic. 

But with all this chaos, we try to have ways to stay zen and sane. We can’t control the situation most times so why not find a way to enjoy the stagnant ride. 

Firstly, we prepare ourselves mentally even before we leave the house. This way we already are in survival mode. We practice deep breaths because they will come in handy especially if you’re driving. Those breaths well reduce our stress and anxiety, even road rage.

Music is a balm to an aching soul. We stay calm by listening to a soothing playlist, preferably one that we created.

One of the things that we hate so much about traffic is how much of a time waste it is. You could be on the road for three hours, which could have been dedicated to something productive. But here’s the gag, you can be productive in traffic too. We like to use that time to do some tasks we have pending, complete our  courses or whatever it is we can do from our devices. However, we do this only when we’re not behind the steering. Also, you want to be careful because Lagos traffic can quickly turn into a scene from Money Heist.

Although, if we’re in the driver’s seat, a simple call to your people would be a fun task of catching up. A good podcast also keeps us company, one like Unpack with Nay. It really does feel like you’re in the car with your friends.

Lagos traffic is chaotic but you can stay calm within the storm, knowing that you’ll get home safe and sound. 


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