Themed staycation: Find your dream destination in your city

We love the idea of a good staycation. This is especially when we can’t readily jump on a flight or go anywhere too far away. We’re either saving up the money or waiting for the right time. However, life is too short to wait around for too long so why not have a staycation. Although, staycations can also become a bit too regular, with a recurring itinerary. This is why we think it’s a great idea to explore the concept of a themed staycation. 

Now, the idea is simple, yet very exciting. We usually forget the treasures hidden right in our city or country. Mostly because we’re so caught up dreaming about destinations that are miles away. For instance, if you’re seeking that resort vibe, complete with pampering and relaxation, why not check out that one luxury resort we always think is too extravagant for a stay? It might just give you a feel of that paradise you’re looking forward to.

And what about when you’re craving a taste of Italy with some gelato in your hand, imagining walking the streets of Rome or Florence? We say, you can make a little adventure out of visiting the best Italian restaurants in your city. That way, when you finally make that trip to Italy, you can make a game out of comparing your experiences!

We use these ideas to remind ourselves that the essence of travel and exploring can be found closer to home than we think. And the best part is that these mini-adventures can spark our lives with joy and fulfillment without waiting for that ‘someday’ to come. It’s all about embracing the beauty of the present and making the most of it.

Although, we’re not suggesting this to say give up on your dreams of visiting the actual places. On the contrary, we like to think of a themed staycation as little practice  for the main thing. It’s a way to sprinkle a bit of that dream vacation into our everyday lives. This way we keep the excitement alive while we work towards our bigger goals.

So, applying some patience to how we treat ourselves and our travel aspirations can be a beautiful thing. We believe that themed staycations not only satisfy our craving for new experiences. But it also teaches us to appreciate what we have around us, all while treating our minds and souls with kindness and patience.

The world is vast and full of wonders, but sometimes, the most memorable journeys are those we didn’t even need to pack a luggage for.


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