The Guide to a DIY Lymphatic Massage

Let’s talk a bit about massages. We know how much we all enjoy a really good massage. For many of us, it’s our escape, our secret hideaway in a busy week. 

The way a traditional Thai massage melts away our knots or how a Swedish massage sweeps away stress. And those aromatic massages that have the ability to put us in the right mood through our senses. We just love it!

Lately though, we’ve been hearing about this new buzz in the massage world, if we do say so ourselves—Lymphatic Massage!

The first time I heard about this, it was something related to our post-BBL girls. I knew it was necessary to have these massages for postoperative therapy. However, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. But it’s come up more often now, and it seems like it could be a self-care practice that all of us could benefit from. So, this time, it got us wondering. One thing about us is that we’ll share all the information with you because why not?

Here’s the tea – lymphatic massage, or lymphatic drainage, is a specific form of massage that focuses on your body’s lymphatic system. We’ll try to explain this without being too scientific, just imagine our body’s cleaners working 24/7, sweeping out toxins, infections and even excess body fluids, making sure we’re at our best. This is what the lymphatic system does.

Simply put, when you get a lymphatic massage, this technique gets your lymph fluid, which is the fluid that removes toxins from your body, on the move. When it’s done right, this could mean reducing sluggishness, swelling, and more! We think it’s definitely something worth doing. 

Now the great part is, it’s not something we’d need a massage therapist for, every single time! With some patience and tender care, we can even give ourselves a DIY lymphatic massage! It involves light strokes in specific areas where lymph nodes are present. We need to remember not to apply too much pressure, following simple techniques and focusing on key areas like the neck, armpits, and inner thigh can yield positive results.

We’ll link a video down below to give you some visual aid. 

So that’s what we found on lymphatic massage for you. We’ve seen that there’s more to massages than just soothing our aching muscles. We’ve seen a different kind of ‘massage magic’ which we can introduce into our self-care routines.

Let us know if you’re going to try this out or if you’ve had one before, please share what it was like with us. Till then, let’s continue to live and love our best lives. Take care and remember to pamper yourselves, you truly deserve it!


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