The Dual-Purpose Products That You Must Have In Your Make-Up Bag

red leather bag beside black makeup brush

With numerous makeup brands springing up from all corners, releasing new products daily, and
convincing us that we need them all, embarking on your makeup journey as a beginner can be exhausting.
The steps and application techniques continue to multiply, as does the list of products we supposedly
need. Following TikTok and YouTube influencers might be too complex for you and me, especially when
we’re just trying to establish an everyday makeup routine. Not to mention the significant expense you
might think is necessary to acquire all those products. Well, darling, there are some makeup products that
can multitask and serve two or more purposes during your makeup routine, and we’re giving you all the

  1. Lip liner and eyebrow pencil: They’re both pencils. Get one in your preferred color and get to drawing.
  2. Eyeshadow palette and bronzer: We often watch influencers use metallic eyeshadow colors as their
    bronzers. For some variety, invest in an eyeshadow palette that contains a range of colors, including some
    with a touch of shimmer.
  3. Lipgloss and blush palette: A red or hot pink lip gloss will leave your cheeks rosier than a proposal
    scene. While it might seem a bit daring for a beginner, we have faith that you’ll nail it; it’s all about the art
    of blending.
  4. Primer and moisturizer: The makeup gods have heard our pleas and bestowed upon us moisturizing
    primers. Brands like MAC, NYX, and others offer primers that not only create the perfect base for your
    makeup but also hydrate your skin. We’ve won, everyone!
    So, go ahead and streamline your makeup collection. We can’t wait to witness your fabulous slay

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