How to Identify a Fake Makeup Product

Fake makeup products can be dangerous to your skin; they can contain harmful ingredients that cause acne breakouts, skin irritation, and allergic reactions. In some cases, fake makeup products have even been linked to cancer.

We’ve fallen victim to buying fake products in the past, missing certain details such as the manufacturer’s location and the language used on the packaging. It’s not a situation we want for you. It’s never a good look, literally. Have you ever seen a cake with butter icing left out for too long? It looks creased. That’s exactly how it looks when we have fake makeup products. In many cases, it leaves us with itchy and burning skin. What a mess!

Contrary to popular belief, even expensive brands have been replicated and placed on the market. This is because we assume that products sold at a higher price are likely to be original and better than cheaper, newly introduced makeup brands—trust issues. You want to pay more attention and look closely at the products before you purchase them; those fake manufacturers are smarter than you think.

The first thing to do is research how the packaging of the original products looks and feels. This way, you can spot when something is off or missing. Fake makeup products usually have misspelled logos or use cheap, flimsy packaging. The colors of the package may be too dull or too bright.

Be cautious of products sold at a significantly lower price than the original. Of course, we all want to get a good deal and save money, but you might want to reconsider when the deal seems unbelievably good, especially for brand products that are popular, trendy, and usually expensive. Fake makeup products are often made with cheaper ingredients, so they’re typically much cheaper than the real thing.

Pay attention to what’s inside the bottle. If you can open up the package to have a closer look or feel the product, then go for it. Most fake eyeshadow palettes have cracks and are not fully leveled.

We hope that moving forward, you can identify fake makeup products from the original ones. But if you think you may have purchased a fake makeup product, don’t use it. Throw it away immediately and contact the retailer where you bought it; you might even get a discount on the real one.


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