What To Do To Prevent Your Skin From Piling

To us, this is an interesting skincare topic that I believe we all experience from time to time – ‘piling’. This word might sound new to you but the situation it describes isn’t. So let’s talk about what it is and what we can do to prevent our skin from piling. 

First of all, piling is a common term in the skincare world that we’ve all experienced but probably didn’t know was termed ‘piling’. It’s that frustrating experience where we’re applying a product to our skin and rather than sinking in, it kind of rolls off your skin. You never really see the results. That’s because it never even penetrated in the first place. Why? Your skin probably has several barriers and that’s okay, you’re still beautiful. We can help you get rid of that quite easily.

One thing to keep in mind is that our skin piles up when it has an excess layer of dead skin or when the skincare product we’re using does not match our skin type or is not applied correctly. Other factors could be extreme weather conditions, a stressful lifestyle, poor diet, lack of proper sleep. So you see, it’s a result of a few missteps in our skincare routine.

Let’s talk about what we can do to avoid this unpleasant situation because it really has many of us wasting those good products or our good money on certain products.

The key here is gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. You might have noticed how we frequently stress on these points because trust us, they are that important!

If you’ve ever done any research on skincare then this word, ‘Exfoliation’ has come up plenty of times. Exfoliation helps us remove those dead skin cells and unclog the pores that are major reasons for piling. Now, we make sure to use a mild exfoliator twice a week to keep our skin refreshed and bright. This is our step so we advise that you do what works for you and the right method or type of exfoliation your skin requires. However, remember that over-exfoliation can also harm your skin and we don’t want that for you. Moderation is key!

Hydrating our skin is equally important. When our skin lacks the proper amount of moisture, it leads to skin piling. Hence why it’s very necessary that we use a good hydrating cream or lotion post-exfoliation.

Product application is another area we need to look into. Sometimes we just apply too much, don’t we? Let’s not overload our skin. Please remember to apply in small quantities and gently spread across your face. Our skin needs time to absorb all that goodness!

We shouldn’t neglect our lifestyle choices as well. Yes, we mean healthy eating. We think that maintaining a healthy diet, adding in some exercise in our routine and making sure we get enough sleep every day. These are just as important as topical treatments for keeping our skin healthy.

Last but definitely not the least, never ever skip on applying sunscreen. And we say this with love because UV rays from the sun can harm our skin terribly and lead to skin piling.

Remember, everybody’s skin is different and what works for one, may not work for another. But the tips we have shared here today are quite general and we think, if followed, they can go a long way in preventing skin piling. 

Take care of your skin and let’s stay beautiful inside and out.


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