Create a sleep-promoting environment: Optimize your bedroom for rest

Sleep is something so important but often overlooked. This is the time where our minds and bodies get a chance to rejuvenate so we need to prioritize it much more. Just like we put effort into setting up a special date night or prepping for a big day, our sleep environment needs a bit of attention too. And trust us, it doesn’t have to be anything wild or fancy. 

First things first, we all know the incredible feeling of jumping into a bed with clean sheets in a tidy room. It’s like a breath of fresh air for our souls. It really is. So, keeping your room neat and putting in some fresh beddings is the perfect starting point. A clutter-free space does wonders for our minds, setting the mood for a peaceful night.

Now, here’s the fun part – setting the mood with lighting. We suggest exploring softer, warmer light colors that are easy on the eyes and actually send signals to your brain that it’s time to wind down. We love a good LED strip light. They’re great because you can change the colors to match your sleep-promoting mood. Colors like blues and warm oranges are great choices. We know we love to sleep with the lights off, the warm lighting is just to get us sleepy. You can turn them off right before your eyelids close.

We’ve spoken about how certain scents can transform our mood. Lavender is a champion for calmness and can really help with sleep. A cute little scented candle, an essential oil diffuser, or even a simple air freshener spray with lavender scent can make your bedroom feel like a meditation retreat. Just remember, safety first with candles!

Another essential part of transforming our sleep environment is by adding some sounds. Sounds play a big role in how well we sleep off. We love a bit of white noise or the soothing sounds of ocean waves. No need to buy special gadgets if you don’t want to; we use our phones and a speaker. Have you ever tried ASMR sounds? They might be what you need. We suggest finding the sound that feels like a blanket for your ears and let it carry you away.

We can’t overemphasize how important the temperature of your room is. Making sure your room is just the right warmth or coolness can make all the difference. For we that enjoy being cozy, extra blankets and maybe a humidifier might be what we need in cooler seasons. For those that want some cold during warmer nights, a rechargeable fan (no matter how small) could be a lifesaver just in case the electricity goes off. A pro tip from us is finding one that can aim towards your neck or underarms, allowing your body to adapt to the temperature quicker.

And, we say this with love– let’s keep that phone away from our sleep sanctuary. If not, we both know we won’t be getting any sleep.

Truthfully, creating a sleep-promoting environment is all about finding what works for you. It’s okay to take small steps and experiment with what makes you feel the most relaxed. Just like we invest in our relationships and personal goals, investing a bit of time and effort into where we rest can pay off in amazing ways for our minds and even our skin!

Remember, sleep is not just a break; it’s a vital part of living our best lives. Let’s cherish and optimize those hours of rest together.


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