NayLiving’s Guide to Packing Light for Your Trip

A Woman with Headphones Packing Her Suitcase

The question of the day– how do you fit your entire life into a single suitcase and not pay that excess luggage money at the airport? 

Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you!

At NayLiving, we’re learning to be all  about living large in a lightweight manner. You’ve had to entertain endless work meetings, school presentations, or whatever and now you’re itching to fly away and go lay on a lounge chair on a beach far away from home. And we can’t blame you. In fact, we’re right behind you. That’s why we’re about to share all we know about light packing. 

One suitcase, one carry-on and one massive world to conquer, minus the literal baggage – Are we game? 

Let’s go!

We’re starting off by scrapping the concept that you’ll need to pack enough outfits to pose in the latest Vogue magazine. Is it cute? Definitely. Is it necessary? Not really. And before we move on, let’s debunk a myth – repeating clothes doesn’t make you unfashionable; it makes you sustainable. We’re not saying you shouldn’t go all out with your outfits but if the sleeves will take up most of the luggage, maybe save it for another occasion that’d be happening in your city.

With that out of the way, what’s next? Well, love, packing multi-purpose clothing is your golden ticket.

The one thing that takes up so much space in our luggage is toiletries. But this time, we’re not wasting precious space carrying our entire bathroom shelf with us. Instead, we’re investing in mini reusable bottles. Or we could get travel-size products from our favourite brands.

Lastly, make that packing list your new best friend. Remember, in the NayLiving family, we strive to pack only what’s necessary and leave space for holiday souvenirs. Take a deep breath, let go of that “just in case” mindset, and keep in mind this phrase – if you really need it, you can buy it.

The goal result? Life’s a journey, best enjoyed without excess luggage. Regardless, we at NayLiving have faith in your ability to breeze through airport security with grace and a considerably lighter load. Remember, we’re in this together – journeying lighter and living fuller, one adventure at a time.

On that note, we can’t wait to hear about your unforgettable holiday adventures and the memories you’ll make.  Safe travels!


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