NayLiving’s Favorite Wellness Trends 2023

There’s something utterly heartwarming about reminiscing. I feel like 2023 was a big year for wellness in general. It seemed like we were all dedicated to being better versions of ourselves, whether it was in terms of physical, mental, spiritual well-being, we made some good decisions. So, we want to reflect and share with you some of our favorite wellness trends of 2023. Let’s be real, we’re honestly not ready to let them go just yet! They’ve become such constant parts of our lives that they’re more like good habits now.

First on our list – Saunas! The sauna experience was second to none. Nothing beats the tranquility and warmth, while also sweating  out those toxins. It was just the right place to enjoy serenity, collect our thoughts and stay healthy while at it. Almost like a hot escape.

Journaling! Our all-time favorite, we can’t deny that. This one is probably never going out of style and truthfully it has earned its rightful place in wellness. This year we poured our hearts out onto the paper, documenting our thoughts, worries and wins. It was quite a revelation for many of us who hadn’t caught on before. Who knew words could heal so much? Well, we did but we love that a lot more people know too.

In 2023, the skincare industry spoke  about this one heavily and we took down all the notes and ran with it. A lot of us introduced Collagen into our routines, and it caused a great transformation! It worked like a charm, replenishing our skin, hair, nails, and even joint health. It was in the form of supplements, lotions, serums and sheet masks. 

This next one is my personal favorite after journaling. But they’re both as important to us—using sunscreen. Our newfound holy grail product! A key lesson we embraced this year is that sun protection is important, no matter the weather or season or race. If you haven’t already, let’s remind you to incorporate it into your daily skincare regime. It’s a loving gesture for your skin.

And Sleep, sweet sweet sleep. More of us began recognizing it as the vital health requirement it truly is. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to refresh our minds, rejuvenate our bodies, and lift our spirits. We love that some companies recognize the importance of sleep and have provided nap rooms for employees to use during breaks. We took our night time routines more seriously and saw some great results. 

This next trend had us consciously decided to drink more water, and now everyone’s skin is clearer and our gut health is better. We’ve seen its effects on our health and we’re loving it. Staying hydrated is truly one of our simplest acts of self-love!

Lastly, Chia seeds and flax seeds! It took me a while to try this out because I really wasn’t getting the hype. But when I did, I never looked back. These tiny seeds pack an astounding amount of nutrients. They definitely had their shine this year and it was well deserved. 

It’s been a great year, filled with intentional actions for our total wellbeing. But, let’s not stop here. As we continue our journey, we are thrilled to see what 2024 has in store. And remember, every little step matters. You don’t have to rush. Take your time, listen to your body, and continue taking small steps towards the healthiest, happiest you!


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