Mental fitness: The brain game we all should be playing

Have you ever thought about why we give so much attention to physical fitness? We hit the gym, go for that early morning run, or flex our muscles in yoga classes—all great efforts for staying physically fit. But we might be forgetting to exercise an important part of ourselves— our brains. Mental fitness is all about keeping your brain and emotional health just as fit and healthy as your body, and it’s about time we started paying it some attention. It’s not about getting your brain to lift weights or scoring higher on a test, it’s actually about exercises that let us slow down, decompress, and boost our memory.

Imagine being in a state where you’re fully present, soaking in every detail, every sound, every moment. We know that sounds lovely. That’s mental fitness for you. It’s the path to better focus, faster processing speeds, sharp memory, and solid concentration. Yes, we sound like the specifications of a really good computer and maybe that’s the point. Not only do these skills make your personal life better, but they spill over into your professional life too. Think about it—better time management, great communication skills, and improved relationships because you actually remember the little details about your friends and family. Plus, being on time doesn’t hurt either.

And here’s the best part—mental fitness can actually make you happier. That happens, by increasing our awareness, we can catch and turn our negative thoughts into positive ones. This builds a mindset of optimism, leading to kinder, more compassionate behaviors toward ourselves and others. Oh, and let’s not forget about better sleep! We literally need this.

So, how do we get on this mental fitness journey? Thankfully, it might be more fun than you think. Meditation is a great start; it helps clear the mind and keeps you in the present. But here’s a surprise twist: daydreaming. Letting our minds wander can actually be good for our brain, in moderation, of course. 

And for the gamers out there, you’re going to love this. Playing games—be it board games or the mobile ones you can’t seem to put down—is actually great for your mental fitness. Keeping a journal also makes the list.

While starting on this mental fitness journey, it’s important to remember to be kind to ourselves. The goal here is not perfection but progress. We’re all in this together, learning and growing, making mistakes, and having victories. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to mental fitness. What works for you might not work for someone else, and that’s totally okay.

In embracing mental fitness, we’re not just enhancing our lives but also the lives of those around us. Imagine a world where everyone’s a little bit more present, more focused, and significantly happier. We imagine it will be amazing. So, let’s give our brains the workout they deserve. After all, a fit mind is just as important as a fit body. 


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