Mai Atafo on How Tragedy Gave Him a New Perspective on Life

We’ve got a little story about life’s challenges and how they can transform us – for the better. It’s from our dear friend, Mai Atafo, the big man behind Africa’s leading menswear line, Atafo. And trust us, this storytime is as captivating as one of his perfectly cut suits.

Now, it’s no secret that life throws its challenges. For some of us, they’re so brutal; they practically redefine the meaning of the word ‘tragedy’. It’s these heartbreaking moments that threaten to break us – or to build us. The way we choose to deal with it is up to us. 

Mai has found his way through one of the most challenging times of his life. With strength and dignity, he reshaped his own narrative when he tragically lost his father and brother within a short two-month span. The thought of that happening to me is scary but that’s a real situation that he had to deal with.

Rather than run and fade away, he chose to march straight towards his dreams. And in the process, he picked up a life lesson we can all take a leaf from: Life must move on, with or without us. But for our friend Mai, he wants to make enough impact so that when his time is over, the world won’t forget in a hurry. When I leave this world, he once said, I want the world to pause for a bit. 

It’s tough to keep our spirits high when going through the hard times but we wouldn’t want to dwell in tragedy for so long that we don’t notice that we’re not living our lives anymore, we’re simply existing. And with all the potential we know you have, it’ll make us sad to see you give up on your dreams.

Truly, none of us are exempt from  tragedy. Yet we have the power to rewrite our story, the power to emerge stronger and bolder than ever. And like our friend Mai, we can turn tragedy into triumph. Not with ease, but with willpower.

We’re proud of us all for embracing challenges, pushing boundaries, and hustling harder each day to become the best version of ourselves.

Also, did you know you can check out more on this? You’d be amazed to hear from the man himself on our series ‘Unpack with Nay’. 

You’re a click away from wisdom from one of the most inspirational people out there. Seriously, grab that popcorn (or that healthy snack, we’re not judging) and watch the full video.


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