It’s Okay If We Hate Our Loved Ones Love Language – Here’s Why

We know, loving people can be tough. One minute we’re showering our affection on our significant other, or our dear sister or that best friend who’s been there since nursery school, and the next we’re having to watch their favourite tv show which, no matter how many times they argue, it’s just not a good watch but we watch it anyway.

It’s not a nice experience. We sometimes end up dishing out love in the most outrageous languages, don’t we?

There’s a natural power in compromise and it works magic in relationships.

Which means you might have to suffer through dinner with your friend’s close minded relatives when you’d rather be at the gym. Just remember that occasionally giving a slice of your comfort for someone else’s happiness could result in priceless joy.

Like that time when my dear dad grudgingly walked into the madness of Alaba Market just to fix my laptop. I mean, the man who gets uncomfortable with anything remotely technological volunteered to journey to this rowdy market – and trust me, he’d do it again if he had to. Why? For the sheer happiness of seeing his daughter relieved and at peace.

This doesn’t mean we have to endure doing things we utterly despise just to express our love. Remember, it’s the effort and intent that count more than the act itself. Your act of love can be as simple as brewing a morning cup of coffee or buying bread on the way home for the fourth time this week.

If their love language annoys you or makes you feel less-than-stellar, sit down, chat it out. Talk about what you love, what they love and come to a halfway point that both of you can grin at, or at least bear with, because let’s be real – love isn’t about forcing yourself to change, it’s about growth, understanding, and adjusting where necessary. 

In the game of love, there will be twists and turns, a few ups, some downs and definitely many inside-out experiences. The important thing is to never forget to show up when it truly matters. This makes your loved one feel heard, cherished and definitely, loved. 

To sum it up, while it may sometimes feel like you’re getting the shorter end of the stick when it comes to love languages, remember – this is about someone who matters to you, someone who’d, hopefully, walk the extra mile for you as well. That’s why, love them with all your heart, because why not?


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