I Raided a 60 Year Old’s Wardrobe— Timeless Fashion Pieces from the Past

Just like the way we read history books for those of us who do, looking back into our parents’ wardrobe gives us insight into fashion eras gone by, taking us through various eras and stages of style. There’s nothing that sparks more joy than those Saturdays when my mother sorts out her wardrobe. Looking into my mother’s wardrobe was like walking through a museum dedicated to the history of fashion, all narrated through her style choices. Here are some fashion pieces that I observed and have taken for myself. The classic look Pinterest girls will love this!

Statement Jackets:

My mom’s closet offered a range of statement jackets that I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t sure what to expect even but a burgundy jacket with floral embroidery that looked like it was made with a 3D printer, and a soft leather biker jacket stood out the most. Such statement jackets add instant drama to a plain simple outfit. Today, we could style these retro pieces with newer modern items, combining the classic vintage with contemporary style.


My mother’s collection of cardigans, some from the 90s era, took me by surprise. Chunky knit (most in the itchy material we don’t really like), fitted or oversized, in different patterns and shades, each one is a beautiful statement of fashion in its own right. It also gave me an idea of my mother’s personality in her youth. You wouldn’t believe she’s the one that has a problem with crop tops now. The versatility of these pieces shook me—they could be worn with denim, dresses or even over a swimsuit as a cover-up. We may be in the wave of fast fashion but investing in some timeless items as cardigans ensures a fashionable and eco-friendly wardrobe. 

White Button-Down Shirt:

One of the true classic items I found was a white button-down shirt from the late 80s. As chic as it was back then, the white button-down remains a quintessential part of every stylish woman’s wardrobe today. We either already have one or have seen many girls style them on TikTok. 

Vintage Bags:

Not sure how much our parents were earning back in the days but we can clearly see that a lot of their income was spent on designer bags. We’re talking Gucci, to Chanel, to Louis Vuitton. With that being said, that’s as much inheritance as I need for now.

Finding these classic pieces and seeing how they’ve endured through time is a great lesson in the value of investing in timeless items. Items such as a well-fitted pair of jeans, a versatile blazer, the iconic sunglasses, or a dependable leather cross-body bag should be staple items in our wardrobe. After my raid, I realized that style is an investment. We should invest in pieces that will withstand the test of time and passing trends, allowing us to mix and match them with our modern pieces to create outfits that appeal to your personal style.

For my mom, these clothing pieces hold sentimental value; for me, they’re not just mere items but represent the legacy of a well-curated and conscious fashion journey, one that I would gladly embark upon and someday, pass down. Yes love, it’s that deep. Because as Coco Chanel put it – Fashion fades, only style remains the same. 


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