How to Manage Panic Attacks Without Freaking Out

A panic attack is something that can happen to anyone. Some of us have experienced it and some of us may have no idea what it is. The truth is, this fear can sneak up on us, whether we like it or not. But you know what? We’ve got this! Let’s navigate through this scary world of panic attacks together.

We all feel anxiety and stress sometimes; it’s totally normal.

However, you could be out with friends, perhaps having some cocktails, and out of nowhere, you feel a wave of fear. We’re talking like on level 10. Now, this sudden panic-like feeling might be the dreaded Panic Attack. 

Anything can spark them off – certain places, stressful situations, phobias, even out of the blue with no known reason.

Recognising that we’re having a panic attack is step one. Are your hands sweaty, and heart beating fast? Maybe you’re shaking and have shortness of breath like you’ve run a marathon but you’re sitting comfortably on your couch. If this sounds like you, take a deep breath, because this might be a panic attack. But don’t panic, ironic, we know but here’s what we’ll need to do and we’ll be okay in some minutes:

First things first. Breathe. Yeah, sounds cliché, but it works. Find a comfy spot, focus on something soothing, and breathe in for four counts and out for eight counts. For we that have it bad with math, we can just focus on breathing. This is just one method, but do what feels comfortable and natural to you.

Now, challenge the scary thoughts, friends. When panic flares up, it loves to mess with our thoughts and magnify our fears, making them look much bigger than they actually are.

Get out and about if you can. Changing your environment can help divert your thoughts and lower the panic level. Perhaps take a short walk in the neighbourhood. Look at the leaves, watch children play – whatever distracts you.

One more thing, keep reminding yourself that this panic attack, like a horrible traffic jam, will pass. It’s not a forever thing, we promise! Your heart isn’t actually quitting on you.

Facing a panic attack can be really scary, especially if it’s your first one. But remember, it’s something that many of us experience and it does not define you. We are right there with you. Let’s be patient, seek help when needed, and show ourselves some kindness, because we deserve it! Stay strong and remember, the storm doesn’t last forever, the sun does come out again.


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