How to Kickstart Your Travel Journey on a Budget

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How to Kickstart Your Travel Journey on a Budget
Travel is the spice of life; however, people often wait until they land six-figure jobs before their
vacation plans make it out of the group chat. Despite what you may think, you can explore the
most beautiful and adventurous parts of the world on a small budget and still have some change
left in your pocket. We’ll tell you how:

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  1. Visit the unpopular destinations: They might not be trendy on social media but they’re just as
    beautiful. These locations offer cheaper accommodation, meals, and activities. Be among the
    first few to explore them before travel content creators discover them and prices skyrocket.
  2. Plan your own itinerary: Hiring a travel connoisseur is clearly not in the budget, my friend.
    Make a list of the activities you want to do, and use hashtags with your destination on apps like
    Instagram and TikTok to find inspiration.
  3. Avoid the peak seasons: Flight prices usually soar during peak seasons. So, if your birthday or
    anniversary falls between June and August or November and February, we suggest celebrating
    with a cake and booking your tickets for the off-season to land a discounted price. A win is a
  4. Choose hostels over hotels: Hostels offer accommodation to travellers for as low as $5, and
    you can pay around $15 for something more private and fancier. Yes, the rooms are just as clean,
    comfortable, and pretty. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and find travel
    buddies for the rest of your trip. We bet you’ll return with some interesting stories.
    As a bonus tip, because we want the best for you, consider getting travel insurance. Listen, this is
    the best advice we’ve ever given you. It’ll cover any losses and emergencies you might encounter
    before or during your trip, such as missing luggage, cancelled flights, injuries, and illnesses. Stay
    safe out there and bring us back a souvenir!

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