Try these herbal teas to reduce stress levels

We often see in movies, when characters are feeling down or just stressed out, someone is sure to pop in and ask, How about a cup of tea? Can I get you some tea? We always wondered what it was about tea that made it the first offer of consolation. Little did we know that herbal teas actually reduces stress levels.

Well, believe it or not, herbal teas does hold a magic of its own. 

Most times, when we are stressed, our bodies could use a little more fluid. That’s why we feel thirsty or just run out of energy. One really easy way we’ve found to fix this is by drinking a cup of herbal tea. But it’s not just any tea – there are a few specific ones that we think are especially helpful with reducing our stress levels.

Let’s start with lavender tea. It smells divine, and the fragrance alone can help to wash away our worries. Just like the scent, drinking this tea is like releasing yourself from a truckload of stress.

Then, there’s chamomile tea. Chamomile is like the gentle, comforting hug you need at the end of a long, exhausting day. It is also known to put people to sleep. If that’s not a stress reliever, we don’t know what is.

If you’ve ever bitten into a piece of ginger, you know it has what we’d describe as a harsh taste. However, it’s a good thing that the tea is a lot more subtle, still spicy but in a good way. Ginger tea brings that zing to refresh us when we’re feeling down. Plus, it also warms us up from the inside out.

Peppermint tea is next up. Have you ever chewed on a peppermint candy and felt your mouth get all cool? Drinking peppermint tea is kind of like that, but softer, calmer, and just as refreshing.

Matcha, besides being the prettiest shade of green, has this special ability to help us feel more focused and alert, which can be very helpful when stress makes us feel all scatter-brained.

Then we have rose tea, the sweet and aromatic one. It has an aroma that has a calming effect. It’s almost like you can imagine sitting in a garden of roses and sipping on tea.

Last but not least is passionflower tea. This tea helps our brains to relax and gives us a sense of peace.

In all, herbal teas can be our small, fragrant weapon against the stress we face every day. Remember, you’re not alone, we all need a little help from time to time. There’s nothing like brewing a cup of herbal tea, letting the aroma fill the room, and just taking a moment to breathe.

So the next time you feel your stress levels rising up, you know what we recommend – put the kettle on, select your favorite tea, and let nature do its work.


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