Baddie on a budget: Spending habits to maintain a beauty routine

Some of us know about this all too well– the joys and challenges of keeping up our beauty game on a budget. Now, being a bit high maintenance is nothing to be shy about. If that’s who we are, we embrace it, right? But with prices creeping up on everything from our favorite lip gloss to that dress, it’s no wonder we might feel a pinch. Yet, here’s the thing, we’ve got each other, and together, we can navigate these tricky times with grace and style.

First off, there’s absolutely no shame in wanting to save a bit more money. Who hasn’t sighed over a price tag or two, especially when our beloved beauty products seem to demand more from our wallets? We’re here to tell you it’s okay if you can’t splurge like you used to. The secret? We adjust and adapt, while maintaining beauty, of course.

One of our top tricks is keeping our eyes peeled for giveaways, discount codes, and free samples. Yes, they’re out there, waiting like little treasures to be claimed. Brands love to reward their loyal fans from time to time, so why not be one of them? This is a great way to keep enjoying some of your favorites without breaking the bank. And please don’t be in your head about what people have to say about you always being a giveaway contest. They wish they had the audacity.

Next, don’t overlook items on sale. Sometimes, we might think sale items are out of season or not as nice, but look closely. There are real gems to be found! It’s like going on a treasure hunt. With a bit of patience and a good shopping eye, we can snag deals that make us and our wallets happy.

Now, we need to talk about alternatives. Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zone can be good. There are so many amazing brands out there that don’t have the huge price tags but do have the quality we desire. We think giving these unpopular brands a chance might just surprise us. Who knows? Our new favorite product could be waiting right around the corner!

And here’s a thought you might hate us for but we’ll still tell you about it: embracing the DIY beauty world. We can have a hair spa day right in the comfort of our home. It’s not just fun with a good podcast, music or a phone conversation but also a great way to cut costs. We can try homemade masks to our very own manicures, the possibilities are endless. Plus, it’s a beautiful way to pamper ourselves on our own terms while staying within our budget. Or even turn it into a shared experience with your friends. 

Here are a few more pieces of advice to keep us going on our budget friendly beauty journey: 

– Share with Friends: If you buy a product that you don’t like and your friend has one that she doesn’t want and you’d like, how about swapping? It’s a great way to try new things for free. That goes for clothes, hair products etc. 

– Invest in Versatile Products: Some products can function in two or three ways. Like an eyebrow pencil and lip liner, or a lip gloss that’s also liquid blush.

– Drink more water: Never underestimate what staying hydrated can do for your skin.

At the end of the day, it’s all about feeling beautiful without feeling the financial strain. We’re in this together, exploring and sharing ways to be our best selves without splurging too much. Because, let’s face it, beauty is about how we feel on the inside, and the outside doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


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