A Care System for Your Handbags To Keep Them New for Longer

Nothing hurts more than losing a good handbag too soon because of our own carelessness. As dramatic as it sounds, our items deserve as much care as possible, no matter how much was spent on it. As we all know, a great handbag is like a best friend – it holds all our secrets (and everyday essentials!), and adds the perfect finishing touch to our outfit, and never lets us down. So, we think it only makes sense that we treat our bags with a little tender loving care to keep them looking their absolute best for as long as possible. Here are some useful care system tips we’d be applying to keep our handbags  fresh and new. 

Have you ever been tempted to throw the handle of your bag over a doorknob or a hook after a long day? We definitely have. In fact, before we did our research, we used to hang them on anything in sight, as far as it was safe. But we quickly realized it’s not a good habit. We now know that hanging our handbag by its handle may actually mess up the leather and cause long term damage.

We also learned that too much light exposure isn’t good for our bags. The same way we need to put on sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays, is the same way our handbags need protection from light too. Who would have thought? Keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from harsh artificial light sources when not in use, helps maintain their color and overall condition.

Now, this next tip is one we swear by – using a dust bag! This is a good way to keep our handbags protected from not only light, but also dust (as the name implies). Most times, a new bag would come with a dust bag. But for pre-owned bags, the possibility is slimmer, however, we’re sure you can get one from Amazon or a store. 

When it comes to cleaning, we absolutely recommend investing in specific maintenance products to suit the material of your bag like a leather or suede spray. Please remember that moderation is key! If your bag is made of nylon, we suggest gently hand-washing it with a mild soap, rinsing with water, pressing almost dry with a large clean towel, and letting it air dry. We’ve spent hours reading articles and watching YouTube videos on proper cleaning techniques for different materials and these tips come highly recommended by designers and luxury item caretakers (it’s a thing).

As for leather bags, we recommend mixing warm water and dish soap, dipping a soft cloth into it, wringing it out, and then gently wiping the leather surfaces. Once done, we can use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap and finally dry it with a towel. Trust us, this simple solution can help remove water stains and scuffs. To emphasize, please remember to squeeze that clothe after dipping it in the water and dish soap, before cleaning the leather.

We’ve all experienced the heartache of a handbag losing its shape. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect solution for that – simply roll up a sweater or thick cloth and tuck it inside your bag. This way, it maintains the shade of the bag.

And lastly, one thing we strongly believe in, is embracing imperfections. Sometimes, that scratch or wrinkle is inevitable. So therefore, rock your bag regardless.

Also, it’s better not to delay any needed repairs, so those imperfections don’t turn into bigger issues. And most importantly, let’s not overload our bags – if our handles could speak, we bet they’d tell us to take a few items out.

In conclusion, we’re all about showing love and care we give to ourselves, to our favorite accessories – our handbags!


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