Galentine’s Day: Three Activities to Celebrate With the Girls

Galentine’s Day is almost here and we’re more than excited. Of course, we appreciate a day dedicated to love (Valentine’s Day is cute), but there’s something quite special about celebrating female friendships. The sisterhood. The girl gang. It’s this pure, empowering and beautiful bond that just brightens our lives. What’s also great is that it’s on the 13th of February so you basically still have the 14th for whatever you want to do with your partner or family.

Now, the big question is what should we do on Galentine’s Day? Of course, we all have our unique ways to celebrate, but here we have three exciting and memorable activity suggestions to spend this special day. However, it has to be an activity that everyone will enjoy. It’s your pick.

First off, fancy dinner. This will always be on our list of suggestions because one thing we love to do is get dressed up. There’s nothing like putting on a lovely outfit, feeling fancy and hitting your favorite restaurant. We can already envision it– the gossip triggering gasps while getting ready to nearly lying on the floor to get the perfect picture for your friend. Add a late reservation and a fancy meal to that and it seems like the perfect plan. There’s nothing like bonding over good food and better company, is there? 

The next suggestion we have on the list is, well, to spend the day in pyjamas, under cozy blankets and indulge in a movie marathon. We suggest chick flicks, rom coms, or an iconic movie that you’re all overdue to watch. Throw in some popcorn, snacks, food and don’t forget to pop open a bottle of wine…or water. Nothing says girl time like getting all sappy or giggly over movies together.

Our next suggestion might need some extra convincing cause it requires doing something different from our usual itinerary. We’re thinking of a dance class! It’s not about being perfect at it. It’s all about having a good time together and making some memorable, laugh-filled memories. But, if we want to keep it low-impact, we try a pottery class. Maybe candle-making? What about a cute outdoor picnic? The aim is to step outside our comfort zones, explore something new, something different and have the best time doing it.

Now, these were just some ideas we’ve thought about. We’re also brainstorming things like organizing a fun sleepover, complete with face masks and beauty chats. Or maybe, try out a karaoke bar, let’s shamelessly sing our hearts out. 

Whatever we end up doing for Galentine’s day, we want to make sure it’s a day to honor, celebrate, and have fun with our best girls! 


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