Five solo dates to fall in love with yourself

Let’s talk a bit about something that we’ve prioritized and grown to enjoy all through our wellness journey: solo dates. The same way everyone deserves to go on dates to enjoy activities, get to know themselves better, and create stronger bonds, solo dates bring the same magic into our lives.

Solo dates are a thing now, and oh, do we love them. They spring from a place of curiosity and, for some, a desire to conquer the anxiety of being out alone. Solo dates allow you to explore your interests, discover new passions, and, most importantly, enjoy your own company. If you aim to love yourself more and get into self-discovery, you can start by indulging in activities that spark joy in you. You deserve the same effort you would put into planning a date with your partner, friends, or family. But this time, it’s a date with the amazing you.

Now, let’s get into solo date ideas that will make you fall head over heels for your own company. Remember, solo dates are incredibly individualistic, stemming from your curiosity about what you like and don’t like, and what piques your interests. Here are some solo date ideas that we’ve explored and absolutely enjoyed.

First on the list is booking a fitness class. We enjoy a Pilates class. But, whether it’s Pilates, dance, or yoga, choose any fitness activity you enjoy or are curious about. Besides, these classes not only help you stay fit but also offer a sense of accomplishment and self-care, making you feel happier and more connected with yourself.

Next up, we love a restaurant visit. Picture this: a great meal, a cozy ambiance, and just you with your thoughts. There’s something so liberating about dining alone. It’s a perfect opportunity to be mindful of each bite, reflect on your day, and enjoy the moment without any distractions.

We also love exploring our creative side with an art and crafts activity. It could be painting, pottery, candle-making or any other craft, letting our creative juices flow is a fantastic way to spend time alone. It’s therapeutic, and seeing the result of your effort brings a lot of satisfaction. Trust us, it’s a thing.

Furthermore, a walk on the beach or a trip to your favorite store for some retail therapy can be refreshing. And if you’re on a budget, feel free to stick to window shopping. These are just activities that allow you to unwind and reconnect with yourself. 

Lastly, a night in with a good movie and a home-cooked meal or an order-in can be the best solo date. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go out to have a lovely solo date. In fact, you should curl up on the couch, pick your favorite movie, and indulge in some comfort food, this weekend. It’s a wonderful way to relax and enjoy your own company.

Truthfully, we think that taking time out to love yourself and indulge in activities that bring you joy is essential. Through solo dates, you discover new things about yourself and cultivate a deeper self-love. You deserve it.

In the end, we think that spending quality time with yourself is one of the best investments you can make. It’s about learning to enjoy your own company and discovering what makes you truly happy. So, what solo date idea are you going to try next?


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