Five Fitness Activities You’ve Been Neglecting

Humans are advised to exercise their bodies at least three times a week, though truth be told, daily would be the ultimate goal. But let’s ease into it and start with three for now. We get it; the mere idea of a workout often feels tiring and repetitive. Your current exercise routine might involve a bunch of reps including mountain climbers, planks, and jumping jacks, only to discover that these activities simply don’t excite you. But, here’s the tea– there are alternative ways to break a sweat, stay physically and mentally active, and, most importantly, have a blast while doing it. We bet that after reading this, you’ll find yourself ready to unblock your trainer, or
maybe even explore the possibility of a new one.

Boxing: This activity is perfect for enhancing cardiovascular health and delivering a comprehensive full-body workout. With a good playlist, you might be able to star in the next ‘Creed’ movie.

Yoga: Yoga enhances strength, balance, and flexibility, all while allowing you to maintain your beauty.

Pilates: Similar to yoga, Pilates boosts strength and flexibility, but it’s focused on your core muscles. Rumour has it, this is the key to Lori Harvey’s toned physique. Need we say more?

Dancing: This one just might be our absolute favourite. It’s like having a night out on a Friday, all while reaping the cardiovascular benefits.

Swimming: It’s not just an excellent stress reliever, but also a complete body workout. And here’s your sign to finally take on those swimming lessons for your vacations. Trust us, the water’s never too cold. No one buys the lie, hun.

Keep in mind there are plenty of other activities to boost your physical and mental well-being. Don’t hesitate to invite your family and friends along and turn it into a bonding session. Our goal is to see you in the best health possible!


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