Finding Your Quiet Moments of Inner Peace Through Meditation

Doesn’t it feel like we’re always moving? Between pulling those long hours at work, being outside on the weekend, passionately wrestling with various projects, and somehow maintaining meaningful relationships with friends and family, we’re constantly tied to something or someone. It seems like we’ve mistakenly equalled silence with inactivity. That’s how things have been for a while, haven’t they? But here’s your sign to chill. 

Just think about it for a second. When we are all alone, we are either engrossed in an infinite scroll of social media, deep into a game or listening to one album over and over again. And while these activities are actually enjoyable, when was the last time we spent time with the lovely silence that the noise of the world tends to cover? With the chaos that constantly buzzes around us, we definitely deserve some quiet. 

Now, how can we, busy people, find a moment to enjoy this peace? Well, my dear friends, it’s called meditation. Let’s break the misconceptions first. You do not have to fly all the way to Shanghai to find a tranquil mountain top, twist your legs into an enigma and make the exact face of a statue to meditate. Meditation is simpler, warmer, and kinder. It’s a hug from your own spirit to yourself. Here’s how:

Just find a corner that makes you feel secure and calm, close your eyes, release your muscles, be present with yourself and breathe. Embrace the tranquility and be one with your mind, body and soul. If your mind wanders away, just try to refocus on your breath. It’s really that simple.

When I try to connect with my inner peace, I sometimes just bow my head into my arms and allow myself to converse with God or, if you prefer, with the universe or nature. Let me tell you, the comfort that comes with just listening can be downright life changing. Maybe you’d like to listen to the birds chirping outside your window or the night wind. It’s all up to you. 

If you’re wondering why we care this much about meditation, it’s because it’s more than just a yoga term or an ancient monk tradition. It gives us the chance to examine our lives with gentleness and serenity. It equips us with a calm mind to face the highs and lows, and let’s face it, that’s quite the superpower to possess. 

In this craziness of life, we are entitled to a quiet space that is just ours. So let’s meet in that beautiful silence, dear friends. 

Remember, finding your inner peace doesn’t need a Shanghai mountain, just a heart willing to listen and a mind open to peace. 


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