Festive Holiday Nail Art Ideas to Try This Season

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This is a community public service announcement: the best way to spread holiday cheer is showing off our stunning nails far and near! Before you panic and look down at your plain or chipped nails, relax. We’re not asking you to pull out a Picasso. But remember, we are definitely here to jazz things up a bit.

This annual festivity reminded me of the good old days when I was finally given permission by my dad. I’d be so excited about getting my nails done! It became a tradition. Therefore, it is the season to help each other with some of our favourite easy-to-do holiday nail art ideas! Why? Because decorating your home is great, but why stop there when you can extend the decorations to your nails too?

So here is the holiday season colour palette, our topcoat, filled with the most magical and heartwarming colours of the season. Deep rich reds, sparkling gold, crisp white, fresh green, shimmering silver, and midnight blue – they are the hot colours to carry the season’s festivities.

Nail art shapes are also important, especially if you like simpler nail arts like a french manicure with a holiday twist, snowflake or bauble embellished round nails or reindeer and Santa adorned almond nails – these are some fun and straightforward nail art shapes you can experiment with this festive season. 

Itemising for those of us who love a good structured plan, 

1. Round Nail: Sport the colour palette with glitter accents on your rounded nails for an understated yet glamorous look.

2. Square Nail: Embellish them with classic snowflake nail art – with silver glitter on white polish.

3. Oval Nail: The delicate curve can showcase candy cane stripes, cosy holiday sweater patterns, or festive stars. 

4. Almond Nail: Character art like Santa’s face or a tiny reindeer can turn your almond-shaped nail into the most endearing conversation starter.

The purpose of our hands isn’t only to provide applause or the occasional facepalm. It’s about spreading the joy that radiates from those twinkling nails. 

Let’s be real – This season may find us opening presents, holding cups of Jameson, baking holiday cookies with the smaller cousins. We just love being in the festive spirit and our nails amongst others. Remember, holiday nail art doesn’t need to be complicated or over the top. Let your nails announce your holiday spirit and put you and others around in a cheerful mood.


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