Fabrics That Keep Us Cool in the Heat Wave

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I can’t speak for other countries but I can speak for Nigeria when I say that the climate has more mood swings than a lady going through PMS.

How often do we find ourselves suddenly stepping out of our homes in Nigeria, and thinking, Hmm, I did not sign up for this hot pot of weather? It could have been raining an hour ago and all of a sudden, you’re frying without so much as a heads-up! Even though we tend to be more concerned about not forgetting to apply our sunscreen, you should also know that our clothes can be a relief for us. However, because of how unpredictable the weather can be sometimes, it takes a toll on our wardrobes too. We’ve all been there, searching through the wardrobe, utterly confused about what to wear when it’s hot out there. So let’s talk about the best fabrics to wear in hot weather!

First things first, we love Cotton. It’s easy to wash, durable, breathable, and most importantly, cotton truly is a summer fabric. 

Linen is another cool one, and we mean that literally! As fresh as a mild summer breeze and as comfortable as a loving hug, it’s a summer love we are definitely rooting for! Not only is linen known to absorb and lose water rapidly, but it also allows our skin to breathe. 

Next up, we swear by Silk. Elegant, beautiful, lightweight and simply glorious. Yes, they require a bit more TLC than the other fabrics but believe us, you will thank you later!

One thing we should be careful about, is to avoid fabrics like nylon and polyester when the heat’s knocking. These can trap heat and may turn our beautiful sunny day into an irritable, sweaty mess. Trust us, we’ve learnt it the hot way!

At the end of the day, our clothes should help us feel our best self, regardless of what the thermometer says. We always encourage mixing it up a bit – try different colours, prints, and styles to let your personal style shine through, all while beating the heat. You got this!

And remember, no matter the weather, keep that sun-kissed smile on, because just like your favourite fabrics, your happiness is simply too stylish to keep in the closet.

So, enjoy the weather with your breathable fabrics and keep that SPF on while at it.


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