Escaping to Paradise: Travel Destinations for a Christmas Getaway

Don’t we just love a good holiday escape? Particularly, one around the festive season of Christmas! Don’t get us wrong, we love the joy of everyone being together in the cold, sharing love and sharing laughs, but sometimes we just want to leave the hassle of hosting numerous family and friends over and over and over and over again.

We know snow might be charming for a Christmas postcard, but there’s a whole world out there that’s blissfully snow-free in December.

So this year, your friends at NayLiving have some more tropical than traditional ideas to spark joy and embrace new adventures.

Let’s grab our journals and note down some warm-weather destinations to end 2023 in holiday bliss.

First off, let’s take a trip down-under to Australia.

Now we know Australia gets a bad rep for harbouring a very unique collection of wildlife, but what’s an adventure without a kangaroo swinging by?

Okay, seriously, the southern hemisphere is bathing in summer during December, which means an Aussie Christmas includes a beautiful sunny glow, nice salty beach water, and warm sand wrapped around your feet, not frosty noses and fingers, or 24-hour shifts of making sure everyone but you is having a good time.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, Australia is filled with festive beach parties and barbecues, as opposed to your usual turkey dinners. And a food win is always a good win if you as us!

While we’re still on this side of the ocean, let’s explore New Zealand.

The Kiwi land sweeps us off our feet with its mild temperatures, landscapes and distinctive wildlife. We can go to the vineyard in Marlborough, soak up some Maori culture, and have yourself a warm, adventurous little Christmas!

Do we even need to say more?

If you’re still not sold on Christmas in Paradise, let’s take you on a trip to Bali, Indonesia!

This Island celebrates ‘Galungan’, their own holiday season, sort of like Christmas and their festivities are quite something! Surf in their warm turquoise waters, take part in their culture and art scene, or enjoy your sunsets at their beach clubs. Now, that sounds like a perfect Christmas vacation for you!

But we hear you, sometimes you just crave the vibrance of life in the big city. No problem! Think Dubai.

Christmas shopping like you’ve never seen before, lavish meals in panoramic skyscraper restaurants, even snow (just teeny weeny bit artificial) in the Ski Dubai Indoor Ski Resort. Dubai really does have it all, and so much more.

And there you go! Just a few hot holiday escapes for Christmas 2023.

Remember, travel isn’t about replicating traditions or following rules. It’s about experiencing the new, embracing the unknown and celebrating life wherever we are!

Here’s to unforgettable holiday adventures and perfect memories. So let’s make the upcoming holiday season one we’ll remember with a sunny smile, a tropical cocktail in our hand, some beach sand between our toes, or a Dubai shopping spree to refresh you for the new year.

Happy holiday planning, friends!


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