Why drinking green tea should be part of your daily routine

When we talk about green tea, we’re not just discussing this trendy drink that complements the wellness aesthetic with its pretty colour. No, we’re talking about a literal gift to wellness, a potion so rich in benefits that by the end of this conversation, you’ll wonder how you ever went a day without it. We promise we’re not  being dramatic. It’s worth the hype. Here’s why:

Green tea is our morning wake-up call but in a gentle way. It’s a source of caffeine that doesn’t make us jittery like coffee does. But, it has much more to offer than just getting our energy-level up. It contains L-theanine. The ADHD community has been on about L-theanine for a minute because of its positive effects. It is an amino acid that’s mostly found in green and black teas (and certain mushrooms). This component helps ease anxiety, stress, and reduces insomnia.

Before you rush to steep a cup, let’s unfold the narrative further to understand both its potential benefits and the mindfulness we should have towards any risks or complications.

Now, for those of us that are on our weight loss journey, green tea has been said to be a natural effective solution. And this is because it boosts metabolism. This means it not only helps in burning calories but does so by preferentially burning fat as its energy source. 

The goodness doesn’t end here. Green tea, whether sipped or applied, is both an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. So if you have a  stubborn pimple, a dab of green tea might just do the trick. Or if you’ve been up all night and don’t want to deal with looking like your problems, you can use cooled green tea bags to rejuvenate those tired eyes. And if you’re aiming for that extra glow, adding matcha to your clay mask could offer an antioxidant uplift, along with an increase in collagen production courtesy of the vitamins B and E found in green tea.

What we love about green tea is that we can also incorporate it into our beauty routine. The antioxidants in it work against early signs of ageing. So, it’s not just about drinking, you can look out for the ingredients in your skincare products.

We think green tea isn’t just a drink; it’s a ritual, a moment of self-care in your bustling day. And we use it not because it’s trendy, but because it genuinely uplifts our well-being, inside and out.

Remember, transitioning to include green tea in your life should be a joyous journey. And while we’ve covered some fantastic benefits, we also understand that every one’s body is complex and different. Please make sure that your body system reacts positively by taking small portions before you fully indulge. So, take it slow, enjoy the process, and watch as this gift to wellness blends into your daily routine, bringing with it the calm, the boost, and the glow you’ve been seeking.


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