Ways To Draw Inspiration To Style the Perfect Outfit for You

We all know how easy it is to settle into a particular style or pattern, for a long period of time. As comfortable as our favorite pair of jeans or that black dress that seems to go with everything. However, change is constant or at least we believe that it should be. How else do we spark joy in our everyday lives and closet? Every now and then we all feel the need to draw inspiration to put together the perfect outfit.

One amazing source of fashion inspiration we think can’t be ignored are our style icons or fashion influencers. We all have one person whose closet we wished we could raid. We just love their creative ways of styling outfits. This can help us leave from our comfort zones, making us see our own closets with a new, refreshed perspective—especially when we realize that we have similar pieces or can easily get the items that we need to achieve our inspired looks.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have really become our fashion journals. We could spend hours going through the style guides. You can look out for diverse outfits, trend updates, mix-n-match options and more. We can scroll through them, saving the ones we love and revisiting them whenever we can’t just seem to find what to wear in our closets. The IG girls and guys that you admire can be the best source to draw inspiration from. Most times, they have the clothes linked so people can purchase as well. We can also draw inspiration from friends and family – that cousin that pulls up to every event in style. You could simply just ask for some advice on the perfect outfit for what ever the situation is. Trust us, it works.

We also absolutely love looking to different cultures for fashion inspiration. Think about it. Have you noticed how chic and minimalist Japanese fashion is, or how bold and vibrant African fashion tends to be? Even different decades can provide inspiration – the elegance of the ’50s, the wild colors of the ’70s, the coolness of the ’90s… there’s a wealth of fashion gold to be mined there. We can definitely mix elements from different cultures or eras to create a unique look that’s completely us. Truthfully, nothing ever really goes out of style.

One practice we use when needing inspiration is window shopping. Not exactly with the intention of buying, but solely for getting new ideas. It can be so inspiring to see what is trending in the stores. This can be online or offline. 

It’s all about understanding that it’s okay to want some fashion inspiration. After all, style isn’t about fitting into a box. It’s about exploring, experimenting, and expressing ourselves in a way that makes us feel confident and happy.

Just remember that these sources are only guides or inspiration. The key to personal style, we believe, is getting inspired and transforming these ideas to match your unique sense of fashion. Remember to always stay true to you. We can’t see what you put together!


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