Digital Detox: Unplugging and Reconnecting with Real Life

Do you ever think about how life was before we had devices? Even though many of us were born in the digital age, we can remember when we weren’t allowed to have phones, laptops, or an iPad yet—it was eventful. It didn’t feel like we were missing out on much. We can still remember our cousins coming over to our house for the holidays and having to find activities to do when there was no electricity to watch TV. Once the power went out during the day, it was immediately time to play Hide and Seek, until the youngest kid would start crying because they couldn’t find anyone, and then the adults would tell us to cancel the game. Those memories live on in our heads.

But we’re afraid that as adults and the new wave of the internet, we might be missing out on making lifelong memories with the ones we love and care for. And you know what’s jarring? We don’t even know that we’re being sucked into this digital world and disconnecting from the real world—our reality.

We know Instagram is fun, but it’ll always be there when you return to it, but our loved ones might not be. And we wouldn’t want to regret not spending enough time with them or even ourselves. We all deserve a break from the information overload. So like the people say on Twitter, “Go outside and touch grass.” A way we can start is by letting our mobile data run out. If you do it, we’ll do it too! When your network provider tells you that you have run out of data, then so be it. And no WiFi too. While we can access the internet, we will be calling up our significant other or the girls for a Sip and Paint session, candle making or a pottery class. And if you’re in Lagos, Nigeria like some of us, a destination like the Lakowe resorts will be perfect for a staycation. 

We would love to have a cute picnic or cook a home-cooked meal and have dinner with our family, with no devices at the table. The night could end with a board or card game. You could even get one that has questions for everyone to answer. We foresee a time of long, soul-uplifting conversations that will make us feel even closer to our loved ones. And at the end of the night, we can take a picture to preserve the memory. And don’t forget to tag us, using the hashtag #nayliving.

Most times, we use our devices and the internet as an escape from our reality, and it could be more dangerous than we realize. We might not want to be left alone with our real thoughts because it’s not always the best, but the first step is acknowledging that they exist and finding a way to heal. So, come on, let’s do it together, put down the device.


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