Ways to deal with travel anxiety before your trip

Traveling is such a beautiful adventure. We think it’s an absolute gift that should be cherished. But sometimes, it can feel a little bit scary, and that’s completely fine. We all have moments when the thought of stepping out of our homes makes our hearts beat just a bit faster from travel anxiety. This could be from bad past experiences, childhood trauma or just the fear of going outside (it’s actually a thing— Agoraphobia)

Let’s talk about how we can deal with that travel anxiety together.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that feeling anxious about traveling is totally normal. Sometimes, these feelings come from not-so-happy memories from when we were younger or maybe from a trip that didn’t go as planned. Other times, it might just be because we’re stepping out of our comfort zone, away from our safe space. And that’s alright. We’re all in this boat together, trying to navigate through it.

Now, when we start to feel uneasy and there’s butterflies in our stomach, not the ones we like,  thinking about our upcoming travels, we think it’s really helpful to talk about it. Sharing how you’re feeling with someone you trust can be like opening a window on a stuffy day – it lets in a breath of fresh air. And you might just find out that they’ve felt the same way too!

Also, we can take baby steps to make the big leap less scary. What do we mean? Well, try to find something small that you’re excited about, like trying out some new food or seeing a beautiful landmark, and focus on that. This can make the big, scary idea of traveling seem more like a collection of small, fun adventures. You can make your itinerary as simple as possible just so it’s not overwhelming.

Also, remember to carry little pieces of home with you. Maybe it’s a photo, your favorite snack, or a stuffed animal you hide when your friends come over. When we have a piece of our safe space with us, the world doesn’t seem so big and scary anymore.

We also like to do our proper research on where it is we’re actually going. This way you’re assured that you’ll be safe and have that sense of security. You can get familiar with the laws of the area, the culture, even before you get there. You’d be surprised that by the time you get there, you fit right in. Please always keep in mind and hand, your safety precautions, especially if this is a solo trip. With all that sorted, we should feel much better about our travel adventure. 

Lastly, take a deep breath. Seriously, do it with us right now. Breathe in, hold for a moment, and breathe out. Feeling a bit better? We thought so. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to remind ourselves that we can do this. We can explore, learn, and grow, even if it scares us a bit.

We hope this chat has helped ease some of that travel anxiety. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to be anxious; it doesn’t make the adventure any less beautiful. In fact, it means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, and that’s pretty brave. 

So, next time you pack your bags, know that you’re not alone. We’re all a bit jittery, scared, but definitely excited to see what’s out there. You’ve got this!


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