Coping with Grief and Loss: Finding Comfort in the Holiday Season

As we know, the holiday season has a way of sprinkling joy all over our lives. With the Christmas lights, cheesy pyjamas, green and red everything, it feels as if the world gets an upgrade in happiness. But sometimes, in all these fun activities, we may be secretly dealing with a battle of our own, grief and loss.

In fact, the upcoming festive season has another shade of meaning. You’re not alone if you’re preparing yourself for another year without that special someone in your life. You might even be mentally preparing yourself for your first holiday season without them. And it’s perfectly okay.

Some of us are inevitably reminded of the empty chairs and absent laughter of our loved ones. It’s tough, it really is. 

Even though, the celebration may not feel the same without them. We might feel a sense of sadness amidst the festivities. And guess what, NayLiving is here, reaching out an arm to you. We hope that that means something to you, even in the littlest way.

We know that grief isn’t something that disappears just because the mall started playing ‘Jingle Bell’ on repeat. It doesn’t play hide and seek either. But rather than treating this festive period as a time to avoid feelings or memories, we encourage you to let it be a season to remember, to honour them, because guess what? They are always with us. Remembering and speaking about our loved one isn’t a journey back into pain but a tribute to the love that endures. This holiday season, we can maybe hang their favourite ornament or light a candle in their honour. Whatever it may be, we’d love to use this time to commemorate and share their story with those around us.

Oh, and don’t try to go all solo on us. The festive season comes with numerous opportunities for social gatherings. Let’s embrace it and enjoy the warmth from the loved ones who are still with us. The love and happiness from friends, family, or even our very own community here at NayLiving could do wonders. Sharing stories, enjoying comfort food, and creating new memories together can work as great grief relievers. You don’t have to attend every gathering if you don’t want to but please don’t isolate yourself.

Look, you’re not alone on this journey. We’re right here with you, navigating the cold world of grief, one plate of jollof rice at a time. Know this, grieving does not mean you are not celebrating. It means you’re acknowledging your emotions, respecting them, and that is indeed something worth celebrating.

At NayLiving, our hearts go out to you. Our mission has always been about creating a safe, nurturing space. Like that sweet, warm hug after a cold day, we’re here, holding space for you and cheering you on.

We love you!


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