Confessions of a Couch Potato: A Lazy Person’s Guide to Wellness

There’s no place we’d rather be than in front of a TV, binge-watching our new favorite show while eating a bunch of snacks. We think this is fine, but apparently, some people say we’re wasting our lives away because we do this all the time, leaving other aspects of our lives to stay around and watch us. If you can relate to this and you’re probably on the side of the one sitting in front of the TV, we are sorry to announce to you that just like us, you’re lazy. Now, don’t feel bad, we’re the same way! However, we found ways to take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We like to call it “working smart.”

The first thing we did was to accept what we were—lazy. We can be just as successful as the most hardworking people if we stopped trying to do this their own way. Wellness doesn’t have to mean HIIT workouts five times a week. In fact, it can start with small manageable changes like going to the supermarket instead of asking someone to do it for you or, if you are living in Lagos, trying to take a bus at rush hour is all the activity you need for the day. Nobody is more determined than a Lagosian trying to get home on time. But for something more intense, think of an activity like gentle yoga.

When it comes to our mental health, one of our favorite ways to stay in tune with our emotions and feelings is through journaling. While it seems like the only way to journal is through writing our thoughts down, it’d interest you to know that there are other ways. One of them is recording your thoughts in a voice note. Did you just have a “Duh” moment? We sure did the first time we heard. We talk to ourselves all the time, so why not take some time out and have an honest conversation with yourself on how you’re feeling at that moment. We also like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts to give us the mental fuel that we need.

Now, we’re usually sweet when it comes to you, but sometimes we all need some tough love. There comes a time in one’s life when we have to start making better choices. And we say to you, sometimes choose water and not soda or store-bought juice. Sometimes, choose a granola bar over some cookies. The small steps we take towards our wellness are more significant than we even notice. So take them each day as it comes, and we’ll be taking them alongside you.


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