Carryon Essentials That We Take on Every Flight

Traveling can be amazing, being able to explore different lands and culture, just a different experience from your norm. But there’s the small issue of the actual journey, and we can all agree it gets tiring sometimes, especially on long flights. No one wants to be restricted to a spot for a long time. Where would we possibly go? We’re in the sky! Over time, we’ve made our list of carryon essentials that make the journey a bit more bearable, if not actually enjoyable. 

Now, one of our top items is, of course, snacks. We think it’s always good to be prepared rather than to depend on the often late or just unsatisfying plane food. So, packing your favorite treats that travel well, be it chocolate bars, protein bars, fruits, or a homemade meal (a sandwich, not necessarily a full on dish), could make you happy.

Something else that’s one of our carryon essentials to any trip are our important documents. This will be our passport, IDs, travel insurance, reservations and boarding passes. A good tip we swear by, is keeping them all together in a travel wallet or purse. That way, when the moment comes, there’s no need to scramble around; it’s all in one place!

Have you ever landed at your destination and your luggage is nowhere to be found at Baggage claim? Well, once bitten twice shy. One thing we’ve learnt to do is carry a few easy outfits. They’re cute but foldable, good enough until our lost luggage arrives. We use a change of clothes in our carryon bag as a safety net against those lost luggage situations. 

Then, there’s our most valued neck pillow. We love ours to be made of foam, but if that’s not your thing, there are inflatable, or microbead neck pillows. The choice is yours. The goal is to have a comfortable sleeping position while not hurting your neck.

This next carryon essential might have you thinking that we’re extra but I believe our feelings are valid. Since Ebola and Covid-19, we think disinfecting wipes are very important. We love to keep our personal space on the plane, like the tray table, armrests, seat belts, germ-free!

We always carry a water bottle. Those little cups on flights hardly quench our thirst. Remember, it’s important to stay hydrated at high altitudes. 

Next is our journal. You might find it quirky but capturing thoughts and documenting memories in transit gives them a different charm. Our gratitude journal helps us take account of the things we are grateful for, even in those moments. Being able to travel is something we’ll always be grateful for. Plus, it’s a great time for some reflections. 

Having our laptops, tablets, cameras or anything expensive, really, is more of a safety tip for us. We believe it’s always safer in our sight and reach than risking them getting lost or damaged in cargo.

We also take along compression socks and a good book. For those of us who aren’t familiar, compression socks help maintain blood circulation on long flights, anything above four hours. As for the book, it’s a personal touch. Not everyone likes to read so do whatever sparks joy for you. It could be playing a mobile or video game.

Lastly, skincare. That airplane air is simply not great for our skin, trust us! So a travel-sized hydrating facial mist or some quality moisturizer and lip balm in our carryon is all we need to stay assured that our skin will glow both on air and on land.

At the end of the day, everyone’s carryon essentials may be different. These are ours, and we swear by them for a comfortable, enjoyable and, to some extent, healthier travel.

We hope that all your journeys are smooth!


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