How we literally avoid unnecessary stress

We discovered something I think we’ll both find quite eye-opening. We stopped to think how much unnecessary stress we actually entertain in our lives from a day to day basis. It’s almost surprising when we actually sit down and take account of it. The world is stressful enough, so why should we allow the extra, unnecessary stress to be added on? The truth is, a lot of it is avoidable, and here’s how we’re doing it.

First off, let’s talk about identifying what’s stressing us out. Sometimes, we’ve have to learn to say no. We know you’re the kindest soul with a heart of gold and we love that about you, but saying no doesn’t change that one bit. We need to understand that setting boundaries is essential, both in our personal and professional relationships. It’s all about knowing your limits and sticking to them.

Now, this next bit might be tough because it could mean we have to let some people go. We all have that one person who just drains our energy, don’t we? If someone constantly stresses you out, it’s time to be honest with yourself. We like to reduce the time we spend with them, or if we care about them deeply, have an open conversation about how we’re feeling. It’s not easy, but if they’re not willing to change, it might be time to love yourself more and move on. Remember, starting the healing process is essential.

Furthermore, we like to stay away from topics that get us worked up – like religion, politics, the economy, or even the best brand of fruit juice! If you know it’s going to drain you, it’s perfectly okay to agree to disagree. Also, if you’d rather not be involved, politely excuse yourself. Plus, let’s come to an agreement not to bring up such topics ourselves.

Taking a look at your to-do list can also be helpful. We suggest analyzing your schedule, responsibilities, and daily tasks. If it feels like you’ve got too much on your plate, it’s time to differentiate between what should be done and what must be done. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

Lastly, let’s talk about controlling our environment. We believe that there are certain things that we live in the hands of our environment and that might be giving them too much power over our mental health. If traffic jams make your heart race, maybe using a less crowded but longer route might be the answer. Or if the idea of driving is just a no-go for you today, why not take an Uber for a more relaxed journey? And if watching the news only serves to upset you, give it a miss. There are countless ways to stay informed without overwhelming yourself. 

In all of this, we’re not telling you what to do. Instead, think of it as us sharing some wisdom on how to put away those unnecessary stressors in life. We use these strategies in hopes of making each day a bit brighter, and we think they might do the trick for you too.


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