8 Easy Things to Declutter from Your Space in 2024

There’s nothing more refreshing than an uncluttered living space. Even though we usually  keep a clean house, we can admit that there are some things we need to get rid of, for good. What more motivation do we need to declutter than the start of a new year? 2024 is the perfect time to bring about a bit of that peace and serenity by decluttering some areas of our home. We would want to pressure you, but if you feel the need for decluttering, consider our suggestion. A home free of all that clutter makes room for good energy and a relaxed mindset. It’s literally a breath of fresh air.

We’re sharing 8 easy things you can consider decluttering and where to begin:

We’re starting with the drawers. Let’s start small. We all have that one drawer where we shove all those random items we don’t know what to do with— the receipts in there are more than the ones in the group chat. It’s time to throw it in the trash can. This year, let’s try to commit to sorting through it, taking out things we no longer need, and organizing the rest.

Afterward, we want to declutter our closet. Some of us own clothes untouched for a year, maybe due to our style evolution, unfitting sizes, or just a preference for our top five favorite outfits. We can donate them to a charitable cause or resell them. This way, we can create space for new clothes. A win is a win!

Books are tricky to declutter; they’re beautiful but an overcrowded bookshelf is enough to tell us to reassess our collection. We can repurpose them by donating, swapping with friends, or selling those we’ve finished reading and no longer interest us.

House gadgets come in at number four. We both know about that pressing iron that burnt that dress two years ago and we haven’t used it since, and probably won’t ever again. That’s perfectly fine. This is the perfect time to scrap it, along with some of the kitchen gadgets we haven’t used in a long time. They’re either rusted or ruined; however, they can be recycled or given to scrap collectors.

Cosmetics and personal care products come in at number five. Just like our closets, our beauty shelf can grow out of hand too. This one is a bit harder to do because in a way, we have gotten a bit attached to these items. So, we can declutter unused items from the past year or those past their expiration. Also, give out our skincare or makeup that doesn’t suit us; it might be perfect for someone else.

Number six is all about digital clutter. And here we’re not talking about the physical stuff but those unorganized folders on our desktops, unused apps, and excess photos on our phones. Yes, this is your sign to delete those pictures and videos of them. We think that a clean digital space can truly give us peace of mind.

Many of us have a hard time keeping papers under control, and for number seven, we have to be careful not to throw away a vital document. However, the old medicine prescriptions, shopping receipts, and notes from delivered packages we opened months ago can go.

Last but not least, number eight is the garage or storeroom. Although we’ve turned these places into our dumping grounds for anything we don’t want in the house. We believe that our minds would appreciate having some extra room when we declutter this space.

Remember, the key is to take one step at a time and be kind to yourself through the process. We can put on some music, a podcast, invite some friends to help out, and make it an interesting time.


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