Six Steps to Having the Perfect Night Time

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Most of us don’t associate ourselves with the word “Insomnia,” but we have difficulty getting quality sleep, especially at night, for several reasons. Between dozing off at your work desk and yawning at important functions, it’s clear that you need help. That’s why we’ve found the simplest solutions to your nocturnal ways.

Have a sleep schedule: We know we’re adults, but we need a bedtime too. This means planning your activities to be completed before your chosen bedtime.

Block out blue light exposure at night: Blue light comes from your phone or laptop and increases alertness, making your body think it is daytime. You can purchase blue light glasses or put down your device two hours before bedtime. Just get the glasses!

Take shorter naps: We love a good power nap, but sometimes we overdo it by sleeping for two to three hours, which distorts our sleeping schedule. Let’s stick to thirty-minute naps from now on.

Improve your sleep environment: Well, our parents weren’t joking around by always telling us to clean our rooms because we’re reiterating it – clean your room, avoid noises, and regulate your preferred room temperature. Also, that mattress and bedding are due for a change, my friend; it’s been ten years.

Give ASMR a try: Nothing puts us to sleep like good ASMR. There’s a wide range to pick from, but we recommend the nitpicking ones. You’re welcome!

Drink chamomile tea: It contains an antioxidant called apigenin that helps induce sleep. Other substitutes are lavender tea, warm or a hot chocolate drink with little or no sugar.

Remember, sleep is just as important as every aspect of our lives and should be prioritised.


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